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U2L6 Social Studies

Who were Sakuma and Koshida Two samurai who were considered intellectual teachers
What interested Sakuma and Koshida Western technology
What did Sakuma and Koshida value and teach The valued and taught Confucian teachings
What did Sakuma and Koshida urge their students to do to learn more about the world To go and travel to the West to learn about Western technology
When and why was Yoshida executed He left Japan to visit the West, and then was arrested when coming back to Japan. He was then beheaded in 1859 for attempted assassination.
Why was there civil unrest in the mid-1800's There was bad weather, which led to poor crops that caused lots of farmers and peasants to starve. People were still expected to pay taxes in rice despite this and they started to blame the government for their problems,and support for the Bakufu weakened
What does the slogan "Sonno Jo!" mean Revere the emperor! Expel the barbarians.
What group of people used the slogan "Sonno Jo!" Critics of the shogun who wanted a new government headed by the emperor
Why did the samurai begin to support the emperor rather than the Bakufu They were angry that the Harris Treaty had been signed against the wishes of the emperor. They also felt a stronger loyalty to the emperor and the imperial court instead of the daimyo and Shogun
What did samurai from Tosa convince the Shogun to do in 1867 They convinced him to resign and take a leading role in the new government, but before the new government could be established, military forces from Satsuma and Choshu intervened and proclaimed Meiji emperor
What did emperor Meiji order the Tokugawa family to give up Their ancestral lands
Created by: MUFU