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AP Unit 1 Test

AP Unit 1 Paleolithic Age to 600 BCE Key Concepts 1.1-1.3

How was labor distributed in hunter-forager societies? Labor was divided according to gender.
To what extent of the earth's land areas had humans colonized by the late Paleolithic Age? Humans has spread to all of the continents except Antarctica.
In what types of societies did most humans live during the Paleolithic Age? Small groups of hunter-gatherers
Stone tools, use of fire, and spoken language were technological advances of which age? Paleolithic Age
What type of society was Catal Huyuk in southern Turkey? early farming community
Sumerian civilization was home of the first written law code under whose rule? King Hammurabi of the Babylonian empire
Unlike the Harappan civilization, both Chinese and Mesopotamian cultures developed systems and technologies to resist or assimilate nomadic invaders
Changes in male-female relations, population and life expectancy and the development of complex social patters were caused by the development of agriculture
How did the change to sedentary agriculture affect the social status of women? Their position declined compared to those in hunter-forager groups.
How did the Neolithic Revolution impact the population of humans? increase from 8 million to 60 or 70 million
Created by: rblakecchs