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Unit 5: Morality

Review Chapters 13, 14, and 15

Destructive behavior by which we deliberately lead others to sin scandal
Deliberate action or inaction that causes the death of someone who is sick, dying, or suffering euthanasia
Virtue that helps you express sexuality and show love in the right way for your state of life chastity
The aspect of human action that can increase or decrease its moral goodness circumstances
The object, the circumstances, and __________ are the elements included in human action intention
An attempt to indirectly correct the damage done by sin reparation
Your unique combination of intellect, free will, and __________ make you an image of God soul
A good spiritual habit that strengthens you and enables you to do what is right and good virtue
Any deliberate thought, word, action, or omission that goes against moral law and offends God sin
The __________ Virtues are the most important moral virtues. Cardinal
The virtue of __________ is being discreet in the way you dress and the things you say. modesty
Prudence, justice, fortitude, and __________ are four of the most important moral virtues. temperance
__________ is showing courage, having strength to get through difficult times, and not giving up. Fortitude
Each human __________ is sacred because humans are made in the image and likeness of God. life
__________ is believing in God and all that he has revealed to us, and in all that the Church proposes for our belief. Faith
The worth each person has because he or she is made in the image of God is called __________. human dignity
True or False: Your free will is the spiritual principle of a human person that is individual, created by God, and will exist forever. False. Your soul is the principle.
True or False: The effect of venial sin, without repenting and being forgiven is total separation from God forever. False. This is the effect of mortal sin.
True or False: If a conscience has been formed well, it will lead you to what is truthful and just. True
True or False: We humans, alone of the creatures, have the capacity for self-awareness. True
Mortal sin breaks a person's relationship with God. True
Describe the five steps to making good moral decisions. 1)Think - take time to consider options, 2)Compare - compare options to Jesus' teachings, 3)Talk - get advice from people you trust who understand the situation, 4)Pray - ask the Holy Spirit for help, & 5)Act - make a choice & be confident in that choice
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