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Chapter 15

Being Virtuous

A __________ is a good spiritual habit that strengthens you and enables you to do what is right and good. virtue
When we attempt to indirectly correct the damage done by sin, we are making amends or __________. reparation
The __________ Virtues are the four most important moral virtues. Cardinal
The virtue of __________ helps us to dress, talk, and move in appropriate ways. modesty
The virtue of __________ helps us express sexuality in the right way for our state in life. chastity
True or False: Theological Virtues help us live as children of God and gain life everlasting with God. True
True or False: Prudence, justice, fortitude, and charity are four of the most important moral virtues. False. Prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance
True or False: Temperance is showing courage, having strength to get through difficult times, and not giving up. False. Fortitude
True or False: Your sexuality affects the way you think and feel about things and the way you are inclined to act. True
True or False: The Ten Commandment identifies lying, slander (calumny) and revenge as sins that damage our character and integrity. False. The Eighth Commandment
Good spiritual habit that strengthens and enables you to do what is right and good virtue
Faith, hope, and charity (love) Theological Virtues
Prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude Cardinal Virtues
Courage to do what is right, even if others disagree fortitude
Giving God and others what is due to them is the virtue of __________. justice
The virtue of __________ helps us keep our desires from ruling our lives. temperance
__________ helps us maintain the right balance of body and spirit in human sexuality. Chastity
When we are discreet in the way we dress and speak, we are practicing the virtue of __________. modesty
List two of the four behaviors that can damage our integrity and keep us from living a life of excellence. Why are these behaviors sinful? 1) Lying, 2) slander/calumny, 3) revenge, and/or 4) not living up to our promises. These behaviors are sinful because they hurt the person committing the sin as well as others who are involved. These behaviors are the opposite of the virtue of truth.
Why is it not always easy to live a virtuous life? What can we do to get help? It is not always easy to live a virtuous life because the culture we live within as created many challenges. We can get help from Catholic teaching, Sacred Scripture, the lives of Saints, and people who exemplify virtuous living.
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