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Chapter 14

Respecting Life

__________ is the destructive behavior by which a person leads another person, either through action or inaction, to sin. Scandal
__________ is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by killing an unborn child. Abortion
To deliberately cause the death of someone who is sick, dying, or suffering either through action or inaction is called __________. euthanasia
The Fifth Commandment says that __________, the deliberate killing of another person when the killing is not in self-defense, is always a grave sin. murder
The Sacredness of all human life comes directly from __________. being created by God
Of all the creatures made by God, humans are the only ones who have the capacity to __________. recognize God's presence
When Jesus taught about the Fifth Commandment, he widened the understanding of "You shall not kill" to include __________. anger and vengeance
When Jesus was arrested, he __________. upheld and honored every human life, including those who were harming him
Explain your understanding of the "consistent ethic of life." Catholic teaching states we must honor, respect, and defend all life.
What is human dignity? Human dignity is the worth each person has because he or she is made in the image of God.
Murder is always gravely sinful because it shows contempt for the __________ of human life as well as for the holiness and goodness of God. dignity
__________ is deliberately ending a pregnancy on purpose by killing an unborn child. Abortion
Deliberate action or inaction that causes the death of someone who is sick, or dying, or suffering because of disabilities is called __________. euthanasia
Behavior or attitudes that leads others to sin are known as __________. scandal
Because humans are made in the __________ and likeness of God each human life is sacred. image
The human person is the __________ of creation. pinnacle
The Fifth Commandment instructs us not to __________ another person. kill
We avoid __________ and extremism because these actions can damage the artistry of God at work in the human person. overindulgence
Jesus warns his disciples that it would be better to drown in the sea than to lead others into __________. sin
Not only are we made by God, but we humans alone, of all creatures, also have the capacity for __________. self-awareness
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