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Chapter 13

Freedom and Responsibility

__________ is a God-given ability that helps you judge whether something is right or wrong. Conscience
Conscience moves you to know and follow the __________, which directs us to do good and avoid evil. moral law
__________ is any deliberate thought, word, action, or omission that goes against moral law and offends God. Sin
Every human action is composed of three elements: the object, the __________, and the circumstances. intention
The __________ of an action can increase or decrease the moral goodness of the action. circumstance
Your __________ is the spiritual principle in humans that is created by God and exists forever. soul
Your __________ is the God-given ability to think, reason, and judge. intellect
The effect of __________, without repenting and being forgiven, is separation from God forever. mortal sin
__________ weakens, but does not destroy, a person's relationship with God. Venial sin
If a __________ has been formed well, it will lead you to what is truthful and just. conscience
A sin that weakens a person's relationship with God venial sin
The God-given ability that makes it possible to think, reason, and judge intellect
The spiritual principle of humans that is individual, created by God, and exists forever soul
A grave sin by which someone turns completely away from God mortal sin
True or False: Conscience is the God-given ability that helps individuals judge whether actions are right or wrong. True
True or False: It is all right to do evil if a good result will come from it. False. We are never allowed to do evil, even if good might come from it.
True or False: We do not need to do anything to form our conscience. False. We must read the Bible and seek guidance from the Church and the Holy Spirit.
T or F: Steps to make a good moral decision: 1) Think about consequences, 2) Compare your options to the Commandments & Beatitudes, 3) Talk with someone, 4) Pray to the Holy Spirit, & 5) Act with confidence that you have made the right decision. True
Why is it important to have a well-formed conscience? A well-formed conscience helps us to choose good and avoid sin.
Explain the three elements that determine the morality of a human action. 1) The object, the action itself; 2) the intention, the reason for doing the action; and 3) the circumstances, what is going on around the decision-maker.
Created by: ckach23
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