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Ch. 14-Middle Ages

What are the four boundaries of the Europe? Artic Ocean (North), Mediterrance Sea (South), Atlanta Ocean(West), Ural Mountains (east)
What is the name of the Western Roman Church? Roman Catholic Church
Who is the leader of the Western Roman Catholic Church? The Pope
What are the 4 stages of the social pyramid that make up the order of feudalism in Europe? (1) King (2) Nobles, (3rd) Knights, & (4th) Serfs
What is the system that sets up the established social order, protection, and government of Medieval Europe? Feudalism
What are the 4 places that establish feudalism in the land? The Castle/Manor House, Cottages, Fields, & Wasteland
What are the two reasons why serfs revolted against the King or Noble? (a) Mistreatment from King or Lord (b) the plague killed most the of labor force.
What are the two reasons why the Kings or Nobles were in charge of the land? taxes & protection
What was the main reason why the serfs (peasants) stayed in the area even if they didn't like it? Protection from the King or Noble from outside dangers.
What was the main cause of the plague or "Black Death." Fleas from rats.
Who was the Pope that called out for the first "Crusade" in the Middle Ages? Pope Urban II
Who was the first emperor that united all of Europe and gave the people a flowering of education and knowledge? Emperor Charlemagne
Even with all of Charlemagne's rule, what was the main problem that cause Charlemagne's trouble after he died? The Vikings
Where were the Vikings from? Scandinavian: Sweden, Norway, Denmark
What gave Vikings the advantage in robbing settlements? They did quick speed and run tactics so they won't be caught.
Who was the Viking King that conquered England? William the Conquerer
What religion did the Vikings later adopted as their own in Europe? Christianity
What did Vikings later setup in Europe, the Middle East, and Italy? trading posts
What part of the Roman Empire fell to the barbarians, but only the church survived the violent takeover? The Western Roman Empire
What was the name of the King that lost wars from France and taxed his Nobles where the Nobles revolted against him? King John I
What did the Nobles forced King to sign after he was defeated at Runnymede, June 1215? The Magna Carta
How many articles did the Magna Carte have? 63 articles
What did the Magna Carta do to the King's power and the Noble's power? It limited the King's power and the Nobles were given greater powers and freedoms.
Where did the plague or "Black Death" started? Hubei, China
How did the plague or "Black Death" reach Europe during the Middle Ages? The Silk Road
What did the Crusades do for the West and the East? It created new trade routes
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