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WC-Final Exam Terms

World Cultures - Final Exam Terms

Acid Rain Form of pollution in which toxic chemicals in the air come back to the Earth as rain, snow, or hail
Allah Name given the the Islam God
Anarchist A person who wants to abolish all government
Annexation When one nation's land is added to another
Atheist A person who believes there is no god
Bar Mitzvah Celebration that's held when a 13 year old Jewish boy accepts the rules of Judaism
Bethlehem Name of the city where Jesus was born
Brahman The highest and supreme God of Hinduism who resides in all things
Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka KS Court case declaring that segregated schools were unconstitutional
Caste system A strict social and religious order of Hindu society - made up of priests, warriors, skilled workers, servants, and untouchables
Charles de Gaulle Leader who restored France’s power after WWII
Commissar Communist official who taught Communist party principles and practices to ensure party loyalty
Communist A person who follows the teachings of Karl Marx
Conservative Party Current name for the Tory party
Father Gapon Orthodox priest who led a march to the Winter Palace; incident became known as Bloody Sunday of 1905
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade; an agreement signed in 1947 that tried to establish fair trade policies for all nations
Genetic Engineering Altering the chemical code of living things
Glasnost Policy of openness instituted by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s
Great Hunger Famine that occurred in Ireland in 1845, which was caused by a potato disease (blight) that destroyed the potato crop
Green Revolution Created by scientists who used new technology to develop new genetically altered foods, such as new kinds of rice and other grains, that could increase the harvest of crops and increase food production for the world's growing population
Helmut Kohl The Soviet Architect of German Unity
Henotheism Belief of Hinduism in which there is one main god with many other gods representing qualities of that main god
Hinduism Main religion of India
House of Commons Group that had the most political power in England in 1911
IMF International Monetary Fund; an organization that makes loans to developing nations
Interdependence Mutual dependence of countries on goods, resources, and knowledge from other parts of the world
Josip Tito Guerilla leader and former President of Yugoslavia during the Cold War
Lech Walesa Head of the Solidarity Movement in Poland and president from 1990 - 1995
Liberation Theology A movement in the Catholic Church to take a more active role in opposing the social conditions that contributed to poverty in Latin America
Liberal Party Current name for the Whig party
Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister who strongly supported U.S. foreign policy
Mikhail Gorbachev Former Soviet Union leader whose reforms led to the end of the Soviet Union
Mikhail Sholokhov Soviet/Russian novelist and winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize in Literature
Multinational Corporation A business with branches in many countries
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement that was set up to create a free trade zone between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
Nikita Khrushchev Former leader of the Soviet Union who called for a peaceful coexistence with the West
Non-aligned Not allied with either side in a conflict
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries mainly in the Middle East that was forced to halt its oil exports and raise oil prices after the political crisis in 1973
Perestroika Restructuring of the Soviet government and economy in the 1980s under Gorbachev
Peter Stolypin Prime Minister who went after those who were critical of Nicholas II
Pogroms Violent mob attacks on Jewish communities
Pope Leader of the Catholic church
Pravda Means “truth” and was a newspaper produced by Stalin’s government (propaganda)
Privatization The selling of state-owned industries to private investors
Quran Holy book for Islam
Rabbi Leader of the Jewish Congregation
Refugee A person who flees their homeland for safety of another place
Russification Policy in which the Russians forced non-Russians to learn the Russian language and become a member of the Russian Orthodox Church
Serfs Russian peasants who are required to work for a "lord," are commonly attached to the lord's land, and are transferred with the land from 1 owner to another; they're treated like property
Siddhartha Gautama Better known as "The Buddha" and founder of Buddhism
Slobodan Milosevic Extreme Serb Nationalist and Serbian President who began ethnic cleansing in Kosovo
Sputnik First artificial satellite launched into orbit by the Soviet Union
Terrorism Deliberate use of random violence to achieve political goals
Tony Blair Prime minister who supported the U.S.– led war on terrorism
Torah Holy book for Judaism
Totalitarian state One-party dictatorship attempts to regulate every aspect of its citizens’ lives
Urbanization Movement from rural villages to the cities
Victoria Longest Reigning Queen of England; dressed in black from about 1861 until her death to mourn the death of her husband
Vladimir Putin Became elected as the leader of the Soviet Union in 2000 in the first free election that was held in the Soviet Union; he is still their current leader
Zemstovos Elected assemblies of local government set up in Russia
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