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Chaska History Final

World History 9th grade

What was the Renaissance? Rebirth of art and culture
What was the Reformation? A change in the Catholic Church
Where did the Renaissance begin? Italy
What is Perspective? 3 dimensions on a flat surface
What is humanism? Celebrate human achievement and life
What is Vernacular? Written in the common language
What was a Renaissance Man? Someone who is good in all areas including intellectual and physical activities
Who was the most famous Renaissance Man? Leonardo DaVinci
What is the difference between secular and non-secular? Secular is dealing with worldly things and non-secular is religious and spiritual thinking
Who was Gutenberg and what did he do? Invented the printing press
Who was Michelangelo and what did he do? Painted the Sistine Chapel
Who was Calvin and what did he do? Theorized predestination
Who was Luther and what did he do? Started the Protestant reformation
Who was Henry VIII and what did he do? Changed religions so he could get a divorce.
Who was Ignatius of Loyola and what did he do? Started the Jesuits-Catholic missionaries.
Who was Machiavelli and what did he do? Wrote "The Prince," introducing Italian politics.
Who was Shakespeare and what did he do? Most famous English playwrite
Who was More and what did he do? Theorized Utopia, a perfect place
What was the Protestant reformation? Change in the church to break away from Catholicism
What were the 2 major branches of Christianity? Protestant and Catholic
What were some issues major issues Martin Luther had with the Church?-specifically the indulgences and 95 theses? Faith+works=salvation Indulgences People who work in the church are better Christians 95 items
Who was Elizabeth I and why was the Anglican Church significant to England? Queen of England, tried to bring faith together- Protestants and Catholics
What changed in the Catholic Reformation and what stayed the same? Faith+works=Salvation stayed the same. Indulgences changed.
What was predestination? God knows who he will save.
What did the Peace of Augsburg accomplish? Princes in each area can determine the Religion
How did the printing press change society and the Reformation? Books were affordable, more access to information, ideas spread faster and the Gutenberg Bible was published
What were the 3 G's of exploration? God (To spread Christianity) Glory (To make yourself known) Gold (To find riches)
What were the significant findings of the explorer Dias? Cape of Good Hope
What were the significant findings of the explorer Da Gama? Trade route to India
What were the significant findings of the explorer Prince Henry? never sailed himself, his sailors found North Africa
What were the significant findings of the explorer Pizarro? Inca, Peru
What were the significant findings of the explorer Cortes? Aztecs, Mexico
What were the significant findings of the explorer Columbus? Caribbean Islands
What were the significant findings of the explorer Hudson? Hudson Bay, Rover Strait
What were the significant findings of the explorer Cabral? Brazil and Sugar plantations
What was different about China and Japan during this era vs. Europe? China- bragging voyages Japan- isolationism
What is significant about Nagasaki here and later on in WWII? Only trading port left open after Christians were killed/persecuted, used atomic bomb here in WWII
What nation got shipwrecked in Japan- and in turn bring firearms to Japan? Portugal
What nation led the way in Exploration? Portugal
What is triangular trade? Europe to Africa, Africa to the Americas, Americas to Europe
What is the Atlantic slave trade? Slavery involving Africans selling their own people
What is the middle passage? A slaves journey from Africa to the Americas
What is a conquistador and how were they different from other explorers? Conquistador is the Spanish name for conqueror, they were all about plundering and violent take overs.
What advantage did conquistadors have against those they took over? They had diseases that the Natives were not immune to yet and they had firearm technology.
What is absolute rule and divine right and how did they work together? Absolute rule-total control divine right- right to rule from God. Absolute monarchs believed that they inherited the throne from God, which gave them total power
What was the Spanish Armada and how did it change the power of Spain? War- Spain vs England for control of England. Fought in English channel. Spain loses and ends up bankrupt.
Who was Louis XIV and what did he do both positive and negative? Called the Sun King. Ruled France for 72 years. Art and buildings flourished during his rule, but he caused bankruptcy and high taxes.
Why was Elizabeth I such a significant ruler of England? Strong female leader who built Phillip II for the Armada
What is significant about the Romanov dynasty? Ruled Russia for 300 years
Who was Peter the Great and how did he Westernize Russia? Desired to update Russia- warm water port, newspapers, new foods, introduced western European style of education.
What was the Scientific Revolution? Replace old assumptions with new Theories.
What was the Enlightenment? Intellectual movement that emphasized thought and reason.
What is the difference between heliocentric and geocentric? Heliocentric: Universe centered around the Sun Geocentric: Universe centered around the Earth
Who was Copernicus? Came up with the Heliocentric theory
Who was Galileo? Invented the telescope, confirmed the Heliocentric theory.
Who was Newton? Discovered Gravity and calculus
What was the Scientific Method? Steps from hypothesis to theory. Bacon and Descartes were the scientists behind this theory.
What is the difference between John Locke and Thomas Hobbes' philosophies? Locke: Democracy Hobbes: Monarchy
How did Wollstonecraft influence government? Women's rights
How did Voltaire influence government? Freedom of speech
How did Rousseau influence government? Individual freedoms
How did Montesquieu influence government? 3 branches of government
How did Becarria influence government? Speedy trial
What are the 3 branches of American government? Executive Legislative Judicial
What are the main causes of the French Revolution? Poor harvest, bad leadership, estate system, money issues, voting rights.
What was the March at Versailles? women demanded their rights to be heard at the palace
What was the National Assembly? 3rd estate votes for a new constitution
What was the Escape of Louis and Marie? King & Queen tried to escape France
What was the Storming of the Bastille? Peasants storm the huge prison and get weapons for war, killing anyone in their path
What was the Great Fear? Wave of senseless panic after the Storming of the Bastille
What was the Reign of Terror? Robespierre's take over. 40,000 heads were Guillotined
How did Napoleon come to power? Quick seizure of power to make himself emperor.
What was the Napoleonic Code? Laid out the laws and corresponding punishments of France during Napoleon's rule
How was Napoleon both a good and bad leader? Made a good law code, improved education. Was a dictator, and made many enemies trying to build his empire.
How did Europe try and protect itself from another Napoleon with the Congress of Vienna? Created the Balance of Power
What was the Guillotine and its significance of the French Revolution? It was a machine that made executing people quick, easy and efficient. Became a symbol of the French Revolution
What is Nationalism? The belief that a people's greatest loyalty should not be to a king or a empire, but to a nation of people.
What is a nation state? When a nation has its own independent government. Willing to defend its territory and way of life.
What are 6 things that bond people together in nationalism? 1. Culture 2. History 3. Language 4. Territory 5. Nationality 6. Religion
Name, define and be able to apply the 3 types of nationalist movements. Unification- merges politically divided, culturally similar Separation- Group resists being added, tries to break away State Building- Groups form new state, 1 culture
Where did the Industrial Revolution start and what was it? Great Britain, moving from farming to factories
How was farming influenced by the Industrial Revolution? Seed drill, crop rotation, breeding
What is capitalism? Some government interference in economy
What is socialism? Total government interference in economy
What is Laissez-faire? No government interference in economy
Who is Karl Marx and what is his relationship to Communism? Father of communism, wrote communist Manifesto
What nation will not go through the Industrial Revolution with the rest of Europe? Russia
How did industrialization cause imperialism? Desire for a place to get raw materials quickly
What is Imperialism? The taking over of a smaller country by a larger country
What are the 4 types of imperialism? 1. Colony 2. Protectorate 3. Sphere of Influence 4. Economic
What was suffrage? Fighting for the right to vote
What was the WSPU? Women's social and political Union, started by Emmeline Pankhurst in Great Britain. Believed that women had to use violence to get the right to vote.
Created by: hlselken