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Renaissance DG

study questions

Explain how rats contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance. They contributed to the Renaissance because they carried diseases which killed a lot of people.
What was a patron? A patron was a merchant. A patron sells goods.
What was reborn during the Renaissance? Literature, music and art was reborn during the Renaissance.
Who were the Medici? Where did they live? The Medici were very rich and were disliked by Savonarola, they lived in Florence.
What is a Gondola? Where would you find one? A Gondola is a flat bottomed boat, and you would find one by going to Venice.
Did Machiavelli believe that rulers should always keep their word and tell the truth? If not, what did he believe? He believed that a ruler should not and also could not because they are bad, and they will never tell the truth.
In Machiavelli’s opinion, what is the chief goal of a prince? The chief goal of a prince was that your followers need to be afraid of you.
What is a courtier? A courtier is a person who spends a lot of time at the court of the prince.
What is sprezzatura? Sprezzatura means the ability to make things look easy.
What are some of the characteristics of Castiglione’s ideal courtier? Some characteristics are that a person should be witty, elegant, and cultured.
What does Leonardo capture in the Last Supper? Why did it take him 2 years to paint the Last Supper? In the the Last Supper Leonardo depicts the reaction of the 12 apostles when Jesus says “One of you will betray me.” It took him two years because he couldn't find the right face for Judas.
What is leonardo’s most famous painting?What technique did he us for the background? His most famous painting is called The Mona Lisa. Sfumato is the technique he used to paint the background.
Why did Michelangelo leave Florence and where did he eventually settle? He left Florence because Lorenzo died, and his son took over which was no friend of Michelangelo’s so he eventually settled in Rome.
What is a pieta? A Pieta is a painting or a sculptor that shows the Virgin Mary over the dead body of Jesus.
How did people’s attitudes about music change during the Renaissance? People got more interested, and people wanted to sing music in their homes, not just in the churches.
What was the single most important change in music to happen during the Renaissance? The most important change was that they discovered that they could get a beautiful sound when 2 or 3 people sang at the same time.
What is the Mass, and what type of music did a Renaissance Mass involve? The mass is the Catholic Church service that celebrates Christ’s Last Supper and sacrifices on the cross. The type of music is called cappella.
Name at least two famous Renaissance composers and describe the music they wrote. The first famous Renaissance composers Palestrina, and the music he wrote was about love. ( madrigals )The next composer is Josquin who wrote secular music and wrote music which is a little selfish.
What is a pavane? What is a galliard? What is the difference between the two? A pavane is a slow and formal dance that includes many bows and curtsies. A galliard is a lively dance which the men would hop into the air. The difference between the two is that one is more energising,the other is more sleepy,(more proper, other silly)
What were some of the difficulties that Cervantes encountered during his life? Some difficulties was that he get shot in the chest twice and a third in his left hand. The Cervantes ship was attacked by pirates. The pirates then sent him to jail, he was eventually freed.
What is a bard, and why is Shakespeare sometimes called “The Bard of Avon?” A bard is another word for a poet. He is called that because he was the poet of Avon ( he was born in Avon )
Who was Johann Gutenberg? He was an inventor, he was the first to use the movable type.
Why were some government and church officials worried about Gutenberg's invention? the government and church officials worried about the printing press would be used to spread ideas that would weaken their power over the people.
Created by: peppy123