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U2L5 Social

Why did Japan stop the seclusion policy because the rest of the world wanted to interact with Japan
Why did Russia decide to increase their trading along the Pacific coast because at the beginning of the 19th century, they found it difficult too supply their outposts in central north Asia
Czar Alexander 1 gave the Russian-American Company permission to trade with who The indigenous Ainu of Japan
Russian gave up their trading pursuits in the Pacific because They were involved in wars with Europe
Who are the Ainu The descendants of Japan's first indigenous people that came from Russia 25,000 years ago
How did the Dutch easy India Company trick Japan into getting them to trade with the companies settlements from different countries They got the ships too fly Dutch flags and too hide any Bibles or weapons
Why did the Netherlands recommend that Japan should let every country to enter Japan because if they didn't, they would most likely be greeted with force
Why did the US want to start trade relations with Japan Because Japan was on the trade route to China, and they wanted to set up a coal station on one of Japans ports for refueling
Why did many Japanese feel that the shogun was no longer in control because he signed a lot of treaties that were seen as unequal with the US, Russia, France, and Britain
Created by: MUFU