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Renaissance AC 11-13

study questions

What was the single most important change in music to happen during the Renaissance? They started coming up with different ways of people singing, like Harmony and polyphony.
What is the Mass, and what type of music did a Renaissance Mass involve? It is a church service that celebrates the last supper of christ. They used cappella which is when people sing something without instruments for it.
What were common topics of secular music in the Renaissance? Madrigals were common types of secular music.
Name at least two famous Renaissance composers and describe the music they wrote. Josquin Desprez wrote Faulte d’argent and Palestra wrote alot of sacred music.
What is a pavane? What is a galliard? What is the difference between the two? A pavane is a dance that has people do lots of bows and curtsies and a galliard has a lot of men hopping.
What were two instruments that were popular during the Renaissance? A recorder and a lute.
What were some of the difficulties that Cervantes encountered during his life? He got shot and injured badly in the army, he got captured by pirates and got held for ransom, he went to jail because he left his money with an innkeeper who ended up stealing it.
Why didn’t Don Quixote make Cervantes rich? People pirated it so he didn’t get money even though he is famous for it.
What type of book was Cervantes making fun of when he wrote Don Quixote? He was trying to make fun of the romances of chivalry.
What is Don Quixote like, and why does he appeal to many readers despite his foolishness? Don Quixote is very crazy. His readers think that he is also very generous and funny.
What kind of literary works did Shakespeare write? He was a poet.
What is a bard, and why is Shakespeare sometimes called “The Bard of Avon?” A bard is a poet. He is called that because he lives in Avon and he is a bard.
How was a performance at the Globe Theater different from modern theatrical performances? You could of been able to scream or yell in the theatre
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