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Renaissance SS2

Chapters 4,6,8

Which age was more concerned about manners, the Middle Ages or the Renaissance? The Renaissance was more concerned about manners unlike in the Middle Ages where no one would care if someone at with their hands.
What is a courtier? A courtier is a person who spends a great amount of time at the prince’s court.
What are some of the characteristics of Castiglione’s ideal courtier? Castiglione’s ideal courtier can do everything. By that he means, the person should be a skilled horseman, a great soldier in battle, a nice dancer, and much more.
What is sprezzatura? Sprezzatura means to make something look easy, meaning when you are doing something difficult you should look like you have done it so many times, it’s like second nature.
How did Leonardo da Vinci start his career? He started his career by being an apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio who was a painter and sculptor.
What did Leonardo depict in the Last Supper? In the the Last Supper Leonardo depicts the reaction of the 12 apostles when Jesus says “One of you will betray me.” It took him two years because he couldn't find the right face for Judas.
What technique did Leonardo use in the Last Supper and where did he use it? He used perspective in the Last Supper on the walls and lines on the ceiling.
When Leonardo started to love other subjects what subject did he choose and what did he make while being part of that subject? Leonardo loved science and developed ideas for parachutes and helicopters.
What is Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting called and what technique did he use to paint the background. His most famous painting is called The Mona Lisa. Sfumato is the technique he used to paint the background.
With whom did Michelangelo begin his artistic career, and what did he learn while in his household? Michelangelo started his artistic career with Lorenzo de Medici by showing him his great art skills.
Why did Michelangelo leave Florence and where did he eventually settle? Michelangelo left Rome and went to Florence but then he went back to Florence. Michelangelo left Florence because he was having trouble with Julius II.
What does the word pieta mean? Pity or mercy.
Why did Michelangelo’s Last Judgment scandalize some clergymen? Michelangelo’s Last Judgment scandalize some clergymen because all of the people in it were naked and the clergymen didn’t like that because they thought it wasn’t respectful.
What architectural project did Michelangelo supervise? The architectural project Michelangelo worked on was the Cathedral.
Created by: slomovitzsadie