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Bacterial proteins that cleave DNA at specific sequences Restriction enzymes
A palindrome and a restriction site GAATTC
The human ... gene is removed from human DNA and subcloned into a .... The bacteria then produce ... which can be used to treat type I and II diabetes Insulin, Bacterial plasmid, Human insulin
DNA is negatively charged True
DNA is separated on gel electrophoreis based on Molecular weight
Technique used to identify DNA Southern Blot
Technique used to identify RNA Northern Blot
Technique used to identify Protein Western Blot
A single-stranded piece of DNA or RNA that is used to visualize complementary sequences within DNA Probe
Utilizes dideoxy nucleotides to sequence segments of DNA DNA sequencing
A technique used to amplify DNA Polymerase Chain REaction (PCR)
Derived from teh bacteria Thermus Aquaticus commony found in hot springs. Use in PCR Taq polymerase
A technique used by researchers to knockout a particular gene of interest Gene Knockout
A technique used to identify DNA chromosomal abnormalities. For example, trisomies, monosomies, and various other abnormalities that can be detected by karyotypes. Karyotype
A technique used to create an exact copy of oneself. Cloning
Inhibitor RNAs RNAi
Used to inhibit protein expression by inducing the degradation of mRNA RNAi
The enzyme responsible for cleavage or RNAi into siRNA Dicer
The enzyme responsible for cleavning the endogenous mRNA RNA Induced Silencing Complex (RISC)
Macular Degeneration, Hypercholesterolemia, RSV, Hepatitis C Disease currently being investigated for RNAi treatment
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