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Renaissance ZL 11-13

What kind of music was most important during the Middle Ages? During the Middle Ages, the most important type of music was church music.
How did people’s attitudes about music change during the Renaissance? People's attitudes about music changed because they wanted to enjoy regular, fun, love kind of music in their homes instead of church music at the church.
What does it mean to say that someone is “quixotic,” and where does the word come from? To be quixotic means to be dreamy in a crazy kind of way. The word comes from Cervantes' book Don Quixote.
What were some of the difficulties that Cervantes encountered during his life? Some difficulties were getting shot and going to jail.
Why didn’t Don Quixote make Cervantes rich? Don Quixote didn't make Cervantes rich because there was no copywrite, so anybody could copy the book for free.
What type of book was Cervantes making fun of when he wrote Don Quixote? Cervantes was making fun of books that describe the code of chivalry.
What kind of literary works did Shakespeare write? Shakespeare wrote plays.
What are the titles of some of his plays? Some of his plays are Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.
What is a bard, and why is Shakespeare sometimes called “The Bard of Avon?” A bard is a poet, and Shakespeare is called the bard of Avon because he is a very well-known poet from Avon.
Who was Johann Gutenberg? Johann Gutenberg was the man who invented the Printing Press.
What was Gutenberg's famous invention? How were books made before his invention? Gutenberg's invention was the printing press. Before his invention, books were made by hand.
Why were some government and church officials worried about Gutenberg's invention? Government and church officials were worried about the printing press because they thought it could be used to spread bad ideas about them.
Created by: zlemmer2004