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Protein Translation

When multiple transcripts of rRNA simultaneously produced from each gene Oscar Miller Feathers
The region of a nucleus where ribosomes are produced Nucleolus
What three rRNAs are transcribed by Pol I as one large RNA molecule known as Pre-RNA and then cleaved to three seperate rRNAs 28S, 18S, 5.8S
What rRNA is transcribed from 5S rRNA gens by Pol II 5S
The proteins that assemble around the rRNA to form the large and small subuints of ribosomes Ribonucleoproteins
Ribosomes are compoased of RNA and Protein
Internal annealing folds of tRNA into clover leaves. The D and TψCG loops also fold back on each other to generate L shaped structures Folding
A nucleotide triplet at the apex of the tRNA which is complimentary to a specific codon of mRNA. In the ribosome, it binds a codon. Anticodon
Promoters for rRNA and tRNA lack... but TBP is still a component of their initiation complexes TATA boxes
The promoters for Pol III are within their Genes
Translation occurs in the Cytoplasm
The channels embedded in the nuclear envelope that allow the passage of mRNA, tRNA ribosomes, DNA transcription factors, and RNA polymerase Nuclear Pore Complexes
The final step before tRNAs can be used for translation that involves binding them with their specfic amino acids tRNA charging
the enzyme responsible for tRNA charging the binds the 3' OH of the tRNA with he carboxyl group of its amino acid Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase
A nucleotide triplet that specifies a particular amino acid Codon
Every three bases of the mRNA sequence, read 5' to 3' Triplet
Codons only specify one amino acid Unambiguous
Most amino acids are specified by several different codons Degenerate
How many amino acids are there 20
The third base of codons that specify the same amino acid varies. The first two bases are usually identical Wobble
Codon sequence is parallel to the amino acid sequence Colinear
The next codon begins where the last one ends Non-overlapping
All living organisms on earht use the same code Universal
The start codon is ... which codes for the amino acid ... AUG, Methionine (Met)
The ribosome reads the mRNA in the .... direction 5' to 3'
What are the three stop codons UAA, UAG, UGA
A polymer (chain) of amino acids. Proteins Polypeptide
The carboxyl moiety of one amino acid is bound to the amino moiety of the next Peptide bond
An amino acid in the sequence of a polypeptide Residue
The polypeptide is synthezided from the ... ends Amino to Carboxyl
What are the three stages of translation Initiation, Elongation, Release
The stage in which ribosomes are assembled with an mRNA between the large and small subunits, along with the first aminoacyle tRNA, Met. This tRNA is bound to the P site of the rbosome Initiation Stage
The stage in which addition of amino acids to the growing polypeptide chain occurs Elongation Stage
A region of the ribosome that binds the tRNA that is attached to the growing polypeptide chain Peptidyl site (P site)
A region of the ribosome that binds the aminoacyl tRNA for the next amino acid to be bound to the growing polypeptide Aminoacyl site (A site)
The stage in which the completed polypeptide, mRNA and both ribosomal subunits come apart Release Stage
During the elongation stage the amino acid is ... to the polypeptide, the polypeptide ... is to the amino acid Not added, Transferred
When proteins are targeted to specific cellular compartments Protein sorting
A signal sequence of the newly translated protien is bound by a Docking Protein
The transmembrane receptor the a docking prtien binds to anchor the ribosome to the rough ER Translocon
Transportation of a protein to its final destination Intracellular membrane trafficking
The luminal side of the ER, Golgi, Vesicles, and exoplasmic side of the plasma membrane E Face
the cytoplasmic side of the ER, Golig, Visciles, and cytoplasmic side of the plasma membrane P face
Five principle types of post translational modification Disulfide bond formation, Glycosylatioin, Cleavage, Polypeptide folidng, Multisubunit assembly
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