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Unit 2 timeline

TOG Yr 1 Timeline U2

Aegean Bronze Age c. 2900 - 1000 BC
Indus Valley Civilization c. 2500 BC
Mycenaeans capture Crete c.1450 BC
Hinduism arises c.1400 BC
Judges in Israel c.1375 - 1050 BC
Trojan War c. 1250 BC
Greek Dark Ages c. 1100 - 800 BC
Reign of Saul late 1000's BC (c 1029)
Reign of David 1011 - 971 BC
Homer writes his epics c. 800 BC
Lao-tzi foundsTaoism c.600 BC
Buddha c, 563 - 483 BC
Conficius lives and teaches in China c, 551 - 479 BC
Unification of China by 1st Ch'in Emperor 221 BC
Mayan Classical Period AD 250 - 0900
Created by: all6mine