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SA Outpatient Labs & Radiology

WBC white blood cells
Hgb hemoglobin
Hct hematocrit
Plt platelets
If WBCs are elevated there is concern for what? Infection
If Hgb is decreased, there is concern for what? Anemia
Bands Band cells
Segs segmented neutrophils
Lymphs lymphocytes
Monos monocytes
Eos eosinophils
CBC complete blood count
BMP basic metabolic panel
CMP complete metabolic panel
Na sodium
K potassium
BUN blood urea nitrogen
Creat creatinine
Gluc glucose
LFTs liver function tests
Which part of the BMP or CMP tests renal function? BUN & Creat
What is the difference between a BMP and CMP? CMP has LFTs, BMP does not.
RSV respiratory syncytical virus
O & P ovum and parasites
CRP C-reactive protein
ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate
What labs test for inflammation? CRP & ESR
What does a UHCG test for? Pregnancy
A urine dip from a patient with a UTI may show positive for what? Nitrites, leukocytes, bacteria
CXR chest xray
AAS acute abdominal series (x rays)
KUB kidneys ureters bladder (x rays)
Arthrocentesis Drawing fluid out of the joint space for relief of swelling and/or diagnostics (needs a procedure note!)
Joint reduction Putting a dislocated joint back in place (needs a procedure note!)
Name 2 skin procedures laceration repair, incision and drainage (I&D)
HgbA1c Hemoglobin A1C; tests control/management of diabetes
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