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China Q & A

The People's Republic of China is the official name of ___________. China
In China, people's lives are controlled in may ways by the ___________. government
China's communist leader who made China a more open country was ___________. Deng Xiaoping
Which of the following is true of China? a. It holds about 1/5 of the world's population. b. It is the world's largest country in size. c. It is the world's leading manufacturing country. d. It is the world's leading agricultural country. a. It holds about 1/5 of the world's population.
Chinese writing uses characters that represent ___________ and ___________. words or ideas.
Mongolia has changed from a strict Communist government to a ___________. democracy
Which country is an island? a. Macau b. Mongolia c. Taiwan d. Tibet c. Taiwan
China's "one-country, two system" pledge refers to ___________ and ___________. communism and capitalism
The small territory of Macau was a colony of ___________. Portugal
About 64% of China's people live in ___________ areas. rural
China's population--one-fifth of the world's people--is ___________. 1.27 billion
The Great Wall of China was built to ___________. stop northern invaders.
The Chinese thinker whose beliefs attracted artists and writers was ___________. Laozi
Many Chinese paintings often included ___________. poems
Macau is a busy port near Hong Kong on China's ___________. southern coast
Taiwan's wealth comes largely from ___________, ___________, and ___________. high-technology industries, manufacturing, and trade
Hong Kong and Macau are cities run by ___________. China
China's government and society were shaped by the teachings of ___________. Kongfuzi
in 1989 a protest in Beijing to demand more freedom was led by ___________. students
Pandas and other rare animals roam at the eastern end of the ___________. Plateau of Tibet
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