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Renaissance AC 4-6-8

study questions

What is a courtier? A courtier is a person who is well behaved and someone who tries to get the prince’s favor.
What are some of the characteristics of Castiglione’s ideal courtier? Castiglione thinks a courtier should be good behaved and can do everything good.
What is sprezzatura? Sprezzatura is the Italian word for quality.
With whom did Michelangelo begin his artistic career, and what did he learn while in his household? He began his career in the house of Lorenzo Medici. he learned about art and literature.
Why did Michelangelo leave Florence and where did he eventually settle? He left Florence because he didn’t like Peiro, he settled in Rome.
What are Michelangelo’s two most famous sculptures? The Pieta and the Statue of David.
What is a pieta? A carving or painting of Virgin Mary mourning over the dead body of Jesus.
What were some of the problems that sprang up between Michelangelo and Julius II? When Mike was building the tomb for Julius 2 he suddenly didn’t want to pay him. Then Julius forced him to return to Rome and paint the roof of the Sistine Chapel.
What did Michelangelo paint on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and what problems did he encounter while painting? He painted the story of creation on the ceiling, they argued because Julius wanted twelve apostels.
Why did Michelangelo’s Last Judgment scandalize some clergymen? They said that a holy work of art shouldn’t have nudity in it.
What architectural project did Michelangelo supervise? He supervised theSt. Peter’s Basilica.
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