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Renaissance DB

study question part 2

Did Machiavelli believe that rulers should always keep their word and tell the truth? If not, what did he believe? NO, not to keep words because its an advantage.
What does it mean when we hear someone described as “Machiavellian?” crafty,sneaky, power hungry, and willing to to use any means to achieve his ends.
In what ways was Cesare Borgia a Machiavellian prince? He knew how to get power, keep it, and he conquered lots of places.
What experiences led Machiavelli to write The Prince? He wrote the Prince because everyone was fighting and he thought it was too vicious.
In Machiavelli’s opinion, what is the chief goal of a prince? To defend himself so he could still have power.
Where did Leonardo use perspective in The Last Supper? He used perspective in the Last Supper on the walls and lines on the ceiling.
What was one of Leonardo’s favorite subject, and what did he invent during he was working on this subject? Leonardo loved science and developed ideas for parachutes and helicopters.
What are Michelangelo’s two most famous sculptures? David and The Pieta.
What is a pieta? means-pity or mercy and in art it is Mary “Jesus’s mom hovering over Jesus’s dead body.
What did Michelangelo paint on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and what problems did he encounter while painting? He drew scenes from the Old Testament from the biblical story of Creation to the story of Moses. the paint was dripping on him.
Created by: DominiqueBehar