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World History

"American and French Revolution" Topic 8

Seven Years War War won by the British which gave them access the land in North America along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean
Revolutionary War War fought by the British colonies in order to gain independence from King George III
George Washington Virginia planter and solider who was also a political and military leader for the colonies during the American Revolution
Navigation Acts Put in place to regulate trade and manufacturing in the 13 colonies by the British government
Stamp Act Taxes imposed on printed materials like newspapers, pamphlets, and other printed materials
King George III Served as the King of Great Britain and sought to reassert royal power in England
Boston Massacre Violent event in which British soldiers fired upon a crowd of colonists who were pelting them with stones and snowballs in protest of British rule
Boston Tea Party Event in which colonists threw a cargo of British tea into the Boston harbor in protest of the newly mandated tea tax by the King
Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of Independence which was a document that reflected John Locke's ideas of "life, liberty, and property"
Popular Sovereignty The idea that all government power should come directly from the people
Treaty of Paris Treaty that ended the American Revolution and recognized the independence of the United States of America
Louis XVI Ruled France during the Revolution and was an unpopular and indecisive King
Estates General Legislative body made up of representatives of the three estates in pre-revolutionary France
Tennis Court Oath Famous oath made on a tennis court by the members of the Third Estate in France
Bastille Fortress in Paris used as a prison: French Revolution began when Parisians stormed in it
Mary Antoinette Married to Louis XVI and was also unpopular due to her ties to Austria and the lavish lifestyle she lived
National Assembly Group assembled after the calling of the Estates General that consisted of the Third Estate and was vital in the development of the French Revolution
Reign of Terror Time period during the French Revolution when the people of France were arrested for not supporting the revolution and many were arrested
Guillotine Device used during the Reign of Terror to execute thousands by beheading
Napoleon French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the latter stages of the French Revolution
Created by: Mr. Peirce