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U2 Social test

What's a Daimyo A feudal lord of Japan, landowner , he was subject to the Shogun, and controlled the classes below him (farmers, artisan)
What's a Shogun The leader of the military government of Japan
Why did Japan go into isolation Because Christians were coming to Japan, spreading Christianity to the people of Japan.
What's a Bakufu The centralized military government, headed by the shogun
What's an edict Legal order; a command to the public by an authority
What's Confucianism A system of beliefs that focused on morals, education, and a strict order in the government and society
What's a Han The local government in each domain ruled by a daimyo
How did Bakufu control Daimyo They could relocate and abolish them.
Japan's hierarchical classes in order from least to greatest Non-humans, outcasts, merchants, artisans, farmers, samurai, shogun
What's a Samurai Men who were hereditary upper class warriors who were part of bakufu, worked for the Shogun, some were daimyo.
Japan's 3 metropolises Edo, Osaka, and Kyoto
How did culture change in Japan More people wanted luxury items, and samurai turned to intellectual pursuits like poetry.
What foreign influences happened in Edo Japan The Chinese influenced learning and culture. The Dutch influenced medicine
In Japan, 1400 - 1600 was a time of... Religious intolerance
Who invented Haiku Basho Matsuo in 1680
People printed books with the Woodblock printer
Who was the first popular fiction writer Ihara Saikaku
Kabuki Theatre A type of theatre popular with the merchant class, which featured actors on a stage acting out a story with elaborate costumes and make-up.
Who performed the first Kabuki A woman named Okini in 1607
When were women banned from kabuki theatre 1629
Bunraku Theatre A type of theatre which was adults only and featured puppets acting out a story
Which class were actors classified towards Non-humans
Geishas Women in the entertainment business who were trained in dancing, singing, witty conversation, and the tea ceremony
Communities grew because Entourages would travel with someone important, they would trade and stay at rest stops which were run by artisans and merchants. These places became more popular over time and grew because of it.
Non-Humans were beggers, prostitutes, actors, fortune tellers
Outcasts were people who had jobs related to death
Merchants were People who distributed goods
Artisans were people who made useful decorative objects
Farmers were people who farmed the lands
Samurai were men who were hereditary warriors
Shogun was the man in charge of the government
bushido the way of the warrior, and the code of behaviour of the Samurai
What caused the change in peoples roles in Japanese society in the Edo period urbanization
Which city had more than 1,000,000 inhabitants by 1720 Edo
Which 3 large castle towns became large urban centres Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki
What helped to unify Japan Transportation routes
What technology greatly improved food production new methods of irrigation
What are the names of the four main islands of Japan Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku, and Hokkaido
Japan in located on an area where there is lots of volcanic activity, what is it called The Ring of Fire
What are the main things the Japanese eat Fish, rice, and fruit
How long was the typical life expectancy of a healthy Japanese person Around 60 - 80 years
What shogun finalized the unification of Japan Tokugawa Ieyasu
What two shoguns helped with the Japanese unification process Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi
The three types of daimyo The most trusted and loyal, nobles of the Tokugawa family, and the ones who had little standing because they may have opposed the shogun before the shogun gained power.
Created by: MUFU