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Geography EQ

What geographic feature is most important to the development of civilization? river
In what geographic area did the first civilization begin? fertile crescent
Which innovation is most important for the growth of civilization? farming
What crop would be most beneficial for the growth of society? grain
What did the Agricultural Revolution make it possible for early people to do? develop civilizations
What process is irrigation related to? farming
geographic or physical feature landform, body of water, etc.
innovation invention, advancement in knowledge
agriculture farming
irrigation bringing water to crops
What physical feature most influenced migration patterns of early peoples and led to the development of civilizations? river valleys
How did the geography of China influence their civilization? Physical barriers like deserts, oceans, and mountains isolated them from the rest of the world.
What geographic features would provide protection during a time of war between civilizations? mountains, deserts, rivers, etc.
push factor something that causes people to leave an area
Name one push factor. drought, famine, lack of jobs, natural disasters, overpopulation, etc.
List three benefits of trade between civilizations? gain needed resources, economic growth, share knowledge/ideas/culture, expansion, creation of friendships/alliances, etc.
Why did geography create a barrier to the development of Greek culture identity? Greek towns were isolated by mountains and islands making it hard for towns to communicate and create a single identity.
Created by: schencktj