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Renaissance SB

study questions

Describe how Italy's location contributed to the beginnings of the Renaissance. Italy's location was the best place to make money because it was the perfect spot for trade.
Explain how rats contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance. Rats contributed to the Renaissance because they carried a plague, kills people, fewer people=less demand for food,=lower prices, lower prices=frustrated merchants,frustrated merchants find new goods to sell, get rich,give money `to artists, artists=art.
What do Greece and Rome have to do with the Renaissance? Greece and Rome have to do with Renaissance because people admired the ancient Greeks and Romans architectural work and art.
What were the major accomplishments of Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici? Lorenzo was a good king and made friends with his enemies, he ruled well because of this. Cosimo loved literature and so he made a place where he puts lots of art.
What did Savonarola dislike about the Medici leaders? How did he attempt to govern Florence when he was in charge? Savonarola disliked how the Medicis dressed, and he thought that they ate too much. He attempted to govern Florence by having strict rules, no fancy clothing, and made people put their belongings in a fire.
Why did the popes decide to become patrons of the arts? Popes decided to become patrons of the arts because they wanted to restore the glory of the church.
How did Venice become a powerful city? Venice became a powerful city because it was located on the Adriatic Sea, so they traded with China and other places. They won battles and built a fleet of ships.
What experiences led Machaivelli to write The Prince? Machiavelli worked in the government of Florence, where he saw all sorts of fighting. That convinced him that a prince should rule his people.
What are some of the characteristics of Castiglione’s ideal courtier? Castiglione’s ideal courtier should be a skilled horseman, a graceful dancer, and a bold soldier.
How did Leonardo start his career? He started his career by being an apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio who was a painter and sculptor.
With whom did Michelangelo begin his artistic career, and what did he learn while in his household? Michelangelo started his career with Lorenzo. He learned art, literature, and how to sculpt.
Why did Michelangelo leave Florence and where did he eventually settle? He left Florence because Lorenzo died, and his son (Piero) was no friend of the arts. He eventually settled in Rome.
What is a pieta? Pieta is an Italian word that means pity or mercy. In art, pieta refers to a painting or sculpture that shows the virgin Mary mourning over dead Jesus.
What was the single most important change in music to happen during the Renaissance? The invention of polyphony was the single most important change in music to happen during the Renaissance. It is a Greek word meaning “many voices.”
What is the Mass, and what type of music did a Renaissance Mass involve? A Mass is the Catholic church service that celebrates Jesus’ Last Supper and sacrifice on the cross. It involved a cappella.
What were common topics of secular music in the Renaissance? Some common topics of secular music are love stories, amusing stories, and madrigals.
Name at least two famous Renaissance composers and describe the music they wrote. John Dowland, and he wrote music on his lute. Many of his songs were sad and melancholy. Josquin Desprez wrote secular music, sacred music, and songs that were about love and amusement.
What is a pavane? What is a galliard? What is the difference between the two? A pavane is a slow and formal music for dance that contains many bows and curtsies. A galliard is lively music where men would hop into the air. The difference is that pavane is slow dancing and galliard is fast and lively.
What were two instruments that were popular during the Renaissance? Two instruments that were popular in the Renaissance were: the recorder and the lute.
How was a performance at the Globe Theater different from modern theatrical performances? A performance at the Globe Theater was different from performances in modern theatrical performances because it is a circular building with an open courtyard in middle. No curtains+if rained the show went on. There were no curtains and hardly any scenery.