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Renaissance AC

study questions

Who were the Medici? Where did they live? The Midici’s where people who where rich and loved art in the renaissance, they lived in Florence.
Describe how Italy’s location contributed to the beginnings of the Renaissance. Italy had a good location for the center of business and trading because it is surrounded by water and on the way to China.
What do Greece and Rome have to do with the Renaissance? All of their cultures and styles came back in the Renaissance.
Who were the Medici? Where did they live? The Medici’s where people who where rich and loved art in the Renaissance, they lived in Florence.
What were the major accomplishments of Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici? They had a big banking business and they had a love for art.
Why did popes decide to become patrons of the arts? Popes thought that art was something like the glory of g-d and strengthened there faith.
How did Venice become a powerful city? Venice built a fleet of boats to attack other city states to become powerful.
What is a Gondola? Where would you find one? A gondola is a type of boat found in venice.
What experiences led Machiavelli to write The Prince? He saw lots of fighting when he was working in the government in Florence.
What does it mean when we hear someone described as “Machiavellian?” It means to be a crafty person.
Created by: adamchopp