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renaissance ao-r

study questions

Describe how Italy’s location contributed to the beginnings of the Renaissance. great for business.
Name and describe the three classes in the Renaissance. nobility,peasants clergy.
Who were the Medici? rich and powerful renaissance family
What were the major accomplishments of Cosimo and Lorenzo de medici? cosimo:banking lorenzo:controlled florence
Why did the popes decide to become patrons of the arts? to restore the glory of the church by acquiring great works of art
How did Venice become a powerful city fleet of ships helped win wars
What is a Gondola? Where would you find one? boats ,in venice
What experiences led Machiavelli to write The Prince? fighting
In Machiavelli’s opinion, what is the chief goal of a prince? to stay in power
In what ways was Cesare Borgia a Machiavellian prince? Because he knew how to stay in power.
What is sprezzatura? it means to make hard things to look easy.
What were some of the problems that sprang up between Michelangelo and Julius II? bad tempers ,that julius was immodest and that julius wouldn't pay michelangelo.
What is the Mass, and what type of music did a Renaissance Mass involve? the most important form of sacred music.
Name at least two famous Renaissance composers and describe the music they wrote. Josquin Desprez wrote sacred and secular music and Palestrina composed sacred music
What is a pavane? What is a galliard? What is the difference between the two? a pavena is a slow and formal dance that includes many bows and curtseys.a galliard is a lively dance in which the men would hop into the air.the difference is that one is classy and the other on is upbeat.
What type of book was Cervantes making fun of when he wrote DonQuixote? the romance of chivalry
Created by: Amandaoren-rivas