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Renaissance.1 HFS

study questions

Describe how Italy’s location contributed to the beginnings of the Renaissance. The Black Plague spread through Italy and there were less people to buy them and it created cheaper prices and people started selling a wider variety of things. Italy was the perfect location and soon there came a middle class.
What were the major accomplishments of Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici? Cosimo- international banking, collect rare collectibles, platonic academy Lorenzo- ruler of florence, peace maker
How did Venice become a powerful city? they did itthrough the Florence version of democracy- ruler control, rest of people work together in guilds (dr. guild, silk weaver guild, etc.), guilds “elect” councilmen
What experiences led Machaivelli to write The Prince? All the fighting led machiavelli to think about how a prince should rule= the prince.
In what ways was Cesare Borgia a Machiavellian prince? He was a role model for the prince- promises broken, effective.
Why did the popes decide to become patrons of the arts? want art to make church beautiful + closer to G-d.
Created by: hannahstern