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Renaissance EA

study questions

Explain how rats contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance. They gave diseases to people in the Renaissance by the rats eating poisonous food.
What do Greece and Rome have to do with the Renaissance? During the Renaissance they rediscovered the culture and new ideas of Ancient Greece and Rome.
What were the major accomplishments of Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici? Cosimo main accomplishment was that built thriving international bank business, he built libraries, and collected art. And Lorenzo was able to make peace and no war. He also supported literature and art.
What did Savonarola dislike about the Medici leaders? How did he attempt to govern Florence when he was in charge? He didn't like their rules of living. He governed Florence his own way of living.
Why did the popes decide to become patrons of the arts? They became patrons because they believed that if people saw beautiful buildings with gorgeous paintings and sculptures, people will glorify and support the church more: strengthening the christian faith.
What is a pieta? a pieta is a painting showing Virgin Mary over the dead body of Jesus.
Created by: edenaraten