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Renaissance KL

study ?'s

What is a Patron? Paid artists for art and were Merchants.
Name and describe the three classes in the Renaissance. The three classes are Nobility, middle, and peasants. Nobility is the wealthiest. Middle is in the middle and Peasants are poor.
Describe how Italy’s location contributed to the beginnings of the Renaissance. Italy has coasts with the Adriatic sea and Mediterranean sea. Therefor, it had many different ports for bouts with new goods and ideas to dock. peninsula mediterranean sea center of trade goods ideas $$
Where did artists get their money? from Patrons
What do Greece and Rome have to do with the Renaissance? During the Renaissance they rediscovered the culture and ideas of ancient Greece and Rome. Which inspired them to think new and cool ideas.
Who were the Medici? Where did they live? they were a rich and powerful family who lived in Florence.
What were the major accomplishments of Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici? Cosimo main accomplishment was that had built a thriving international bank business, he built libraries, and collected art. And Lorenzo was able to make peace and no war. He also supported literature and art.
What did Savonarola dislike about the Medici leaders? How did he attempt to govern Florence when he was in charge? He didn't like that they eat too much, drank way too much, dressed immodestly, and cared too much about their fancy belongings. Savonarola Tried to make Florance a copy of christian virtue.
Why did the popes decide to become patrons of the arts? They became patrons because they believed that if people saw beautiful buildings with gorgeous paintings and sculptures, people would glorify and support the church more: strengthening the christian faith.
What experiences led Machiavelli to write The Prince? He was inspired to write The Prince as a result of all the fighting among the the leaders of Italy.
How did Leonardo Da Vinci start his career? He started his career by being an apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio who was a painter and sculptor.
What did Leonardo do in Milan in addition to art? Leonardo worked on designing dangerous devices including a tank even though he didn't like war.
What technique did Leonardo use to show depth in The Last Supper?. .He used perspective in the Last Supper on the walls and lines on the ceiling.
What did Leonardo paint in The Last Supper and why did it take him so long? In the the Last Supper Leonardo depicts the reaction of the 12 apostles when Jesus says “One of you will betray me.” It took him two years because he couldn't find the right face for Judas.
What are Michelangelo’s two most famous sculptures? ?Michelangelo's most two favorite sculptors where The Last Judgment and Pieta.
With whom did Michelangelo begin his artistic career, and what did he learn while in his household? Michelangelo began his artistic career with Lorenzo De Medici. They discussed art and literature. (Sculptures and paintings).
Why did Michelangelo leave Florence and where did he eventually settle?Michelangelo left because when Piero took over it was hard times. Michelangelo settled in Rome instead. Michelangelo left because when Piero took over it was hard times. Michelangelo settled in Rome instead.
What is a pieta? A pieta is a painting/sculpture showing Virgin Mary over the dead body of Jesus. (Made by Michelangelo).
What were some of the problems that sprang up between Michelangelo and Julius II? they had very similar personalities so they clashed. Not just that but, Pope asked Michelangelo to build him a tomb. But, he lost interest and called it off. He refused to pay him they argued until he reluctantly agreed.
What did Michelangelo paint on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and what problems did he encounter while painting? Michelangelo painted the creation of Adam. He encountered problems such as not going fast enough and was asked lots and lots of times when it would be completed!
Why did Michelangelo’s Last Judgment scandalize some clergymen? Michelangelo's last judgment got scandalized because they objected him from painting naked people.
What architectural project did Michelangelo supervise?He supervised ( designed ) the dome of ST. Peters. (For 20 whole years) He supervised ( designed ) the dome of ST. Peters. (For 20 whole years)
What kind of music was most important during the Middle Ages? Music in churches, and monasteries, where priests, monks, and nuns sang praises to g-o-d.
How did people’s attitudes about music change during the Renaissance? They wanted to enjoy music. Not, just at church but at home with their families.
What was the single most important change in music to happen during the Renaissance? The most important change in music was the invention of polyphony ( when people sang together in harmony.
What is the Mass, and what type of music did a Renaissance Mass involve? Mass is one of the most important forms of sacred music. The music involved the church service that celebrates The Last Supper. It was sang by a small group ( or large ) that sings but, with no instruments so it can be easily heard. (acapella)
What were common topics of secular music in the Renaissance? Common topic in the Renaissance are love songs or amusing stories.
Name at least two famous Renaissance composers and describe the music they wrote. Josquin Desprez was born in 1450, and wrought about 20 masses. He was one of the greatest composers in the Renaissance. He worked as a singer and composer for princes and Pope in Italy.
Name at least two famous Renaissance composers and describe the music they wrote. Palestrina (an Italian composer) wrote 4 books of madrigals. He wrote more than 19 Masses. He was mainly a composer of sacred music.
What is a pavane? A pavane is a slow and formal dance that includes many bows and curtsies. What is a galliard? A galliard is a livley and upbeat dance ( men would hop into the air ). What is the difference between the two? The difference between the two is that a pavane is slow dance and a galliard is fast dance.
What were two instruments that were popular during the Renaissance? A lute and a recorder were the most popular instrument during the renaissance.
What does it mean to say that someone is “quixotic,” and where does the word come from? Some that is “quixotic” is a dreamer who always has his or her head in the sky. It comes from the name “hero” from a book called “ Don Quixote ”.
What were some of the difficulties that Cervantes encountered during his life? Some difficulties that Cervantes encountered were, that two bullets hit Cervantes chest.( The third bullets touched his left hand.) Cervantes ship was attacked by pirates.
What didn’t Don Quixote make Cervantes rich? He didn't make him rich because the books were copied.
What type of book was Cervantes making fun of when he wrote DonQuixote? He was making fun of Was making fun of romances chivalry.
What is Don Quixote like, and why does he appeal to many readers despite his foolishness? He appeals to many readers because he is noble, generous, and pursues his dreams.
What kind of literary works did Shakespeare write? He wrote poems and plays.
What are the title of some of his plays? Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth where some of his plays.
What is a bard, and why is Shakespeare sometimes called “The Bard of Avon? ” A bard is a poet and he was born in England a town called Stratford-on Avon.
How was a performance at the Globe Theater different from modern theatrical performances? was a large wooden building with an open courtyard in the middle. It had no curtain, people could be rude (throw things if didn't like) and could only be seen in the day time (good weather). Only men were allowed to perform.
Why were some government and church officials worried about Gutenberg's invention? They were worried that it might spread ideas that would weaken their power over people.