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Chapter 14 Vocab

Ch.14 Vocab

Patron Financial supporter of arts.
Humanism Intellectual movement on worldly subjects.
Humanities Subjects taught to Greeks and Romans
Persoective Painting appears 3D by sizing objects.
Engraving Etching a design on metal plate with acid.
Vernacular Everyday language.
Utopian Ideal society.
Indulgence Lessening time in purgatory.
Recant Give up view.
Predestintain God determined long ago who gets saved.
Theocracy Government rule by church leader.
annul cancel.
canonize recognize as saint.
compromise agreement.
scapegoat someone to blame.
ghetto separate part of a city.
heliocentric sun is center.
hypthesis possible explanation. ('beneath.')
scientific method step-by-step process of discovery.
gravity force that keeps planets in orbit around the sun.
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