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Chapter 6

Mesoamerica and Oceanian

Ritual bloodletting was crucial to _______ rituals because it imitated the gods sacrifice and insured lots of rain for a good harvest Mayan
The staple food of Mesoamerica was _______? Maize
The Term Olmec means what? Rubber People
Large stone heads were art from which civilization? A.Mayans B.Romans C.Austronesians D.Olmec D
The dominant political organization of the Mayans could best be described as? Chiefdoms split into separate city states
The Olmecs traded extensively in all of the following items except A) horses. B) jade. C) obsidian. D) small works of art. E) animal skins. A
What statement correct describing aboriginal peoples of Australia and New Guinea? The peoples of Australia maintained hunting and gathering societies while in New Guinea they turned to agriculture.
The Mayan’s invented to mathematical concept of ____ to help them deal with large numbers Zero
The largest single building in Mesoamerica was? The pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan
The Austronesian-speaking peoples became the first human settlers on this large island off the east African coast? Madagascar
Austronesian peoples established what type of political societies in the lands they settled? Royal Chiefdoms
The first society of Mesoamerica, which founded traditions followed by all later societies, was the ________. Olmec
One of the earliest Andean states, which left a remarkable artistic legacy through its ceramics, was A.Chavin B.Teotihuacan C.San Lorenzo D.Mochica E.Chichén Itzá D
The Popul Vuh was A.the most important of the Mayan gods B.the largest Olmec ceremonial center C.The Mayan story of creation D. the greatest Austronesian epic E. the Olmec law code C
Malayan, Indonesian, Filipino, Polynesian, and other Oceanic languages are derived from A.aboriginal Australian B.Chinese C.Hindu D.Indo-European E.Austronesian E
Mesoamericans have no need for wheeled vehicles because? They did not have many domesticated large animals which would have been necessary to make wheeled vehicles useful.
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