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First to reach India. Aryans
Differences between Hinduism & Islam. (1) Islam - Equality. Paradise(5pillars). Monotheistic (Allah). Mosaics. (2) Hinduism - Caste System. Reincarnation. Polytheistic (but Brahman). Religious Statues (Idols)
Borders of the subcontinent. (1) North - Himalayan Mountains (2) South - Indian Ocean (3) East - Bay of Bengal (4) West - Arabian Sea
What is an Outpost? Distant military station
What % of Hindus are on the subcontinent? How about Muslims? (1) Hindus - 80% (2) Muslims - 20%
What is a Caste System? Class structure that is determined by birth
What is Reincarnation? Belief that when you die you get reborn
What various European nations controlled India and what were their differences? (1) Portugal-Vasco da Gama-SW India-monopoly of trade(2) France-both France & England charactered East India companies.(3) Britain-came by sea not land & est.control over all India. History of India merges with GB's history.Divides India into 600+ind. sta
What plateau is in India? Deccan Plateau
Invasion route of Invaders? Khyber Pass
Why is India a subcontinent? Because of it's features that separates it from the rest of Asia
Why did invaders want to come to India? Because of it's features that keep it protected
Who was Aibak? What did he do? (1) Turk & ex-slave, Muslim Sultanate at Delhi. (2) Destroyed Hindu armies & conquers entire northern plain. Established capital at Delhi - governs as a Sultan. Despised Hinduism. Forced Islam on the people
What was the attitude of the sultans of Delhi toward the Hindus? They despised them
Taj Mahal.. Who & What? Mongol Emperor's wife's tomb
Name trading posts of European nations in India. Goa, Daman, Diu, & Bombay.
Identify what or who these people are. Tamerlane, Babur, Akbar, & Rajah. (1) Tamerlane - Mongol warrior, ruled from Mesopotamia-Afghanistan (2) Babur - Descendant of Tamerlane (3) Akbar - "The Great". Grandson of Babur (4) Rajah - native prince
What did Tamerlane do? Sacked Delhi, slaughtered 100,000 people there and left
What did Babur do? Established Mongol Empire & conquered much of Northern India.
What did Akbar do? Strong rule, promoted civil service, & religious tolerance. Encouraged learning, art, literature, & architecture. Married a Hindu Princess.
What is a Sepoy? Indian soldier in an army set up by the French or English East India company.
What is the make up language of Pakistan? Urdu
How does India differ from the rest of Asia? Because of it's unique features.
What are the 2 major regions of India that define the topography of the subcontinent? (1) North - Plain of Indus & Ganges (Indus River-Arabian Sea) (Ganges River-Bay of Bengal) (2) South - Deccan Plateau (mountain ranges, tropical forests, rocky soil isolate people)
What are Monsoons? winds that blow over India
Describe each Monsoon. (lasts month - month) (1) Summer Monsoons: June-October (brings rain inland) (2) Southeast Monsoons: November-February (3) Northeast Monsoons: April-September
Created by: BloodyBetty1