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Ottoman Empire

How did one become a Sultan in the Ottoman Empire? Dynastic Empire, passed from father to son with no quarrels. The rest would be strangled with silk thread. (no children but the sultan lives)
(1) What religion did the Turkish tribes adopt when they came to the Middle East? (2) In what century did this happen? (1) Islam. (2) 10th C.
What group was considered heretics to the Ottomans? Shiites
The Ottoman Turks took their name from _____. Osman I
What Ottoman leader captured Constantinople and when? Mohammed II 1453
What battle was considered the worst defeat of the Ottoman fleet? Battle of Lepanto
The 1st group to control the Middle East. Seljuk Turks
The passing of control from father to son in the Ottoman Empire is called _______. Dynastic
The Ottoman Turks took leadership from what earlier tribe? Seljuk Turks
What was the first city in Europe the Ottomans captured? Gallipoli
When the Mongols removed the Seljuk threat, where did the Ottomans move? Anatolia
What father and son secured lands taken by the Mongols? Mehmed & Murad
(1) Who took over Syria and Cairo from the Mamluks? (2) Who were the Mamluks? (1) "Selem the Grim" (2) former Islamic slaves
Ruler of the Ottoman Empire at its height. Süleyman I
What were the 2 names that Süleyman held...by the Turks and by the Europeans? "The Magnificent" (Europeans)(Süleyman) "The Lawgiver" (Turks)(Süleyman)
Extent of Süleyman's Empire. (1)North - Hungary (2) South - Yemen (3) East - Bahrain (4) West - Algiers
Elite troops of the Empire. Name and Describe Name - Janissaries. Description - Former Christian youth of conquered areas taken at an early age and trained for 7 years to make them ardent Muslims and fanatical (filled with excessive and single-minded zeal) fighting machines devoted to Sultan.
When did the Empire cease to exist? 20th C.
Ottomans were united by _____________. Common language (Arabic) & common religion (Islam)
7 reasons given for the decline of the empire. (Essay Question) Look on paper for answer
4 reasons for the source of Ottoman strength. (1) Turkish warriors flocked to Ottoman army to serve Islam and participate in conquest(2) $$ from conquered areas allowed leaders to buy guns & heavy artillery(3) Elite troops - Janissaries served the Sultan (4) (definition of Janissaries)
Sultan who regained land after crusades. Osman I?
Where did the Ottoman Turks move after Constantinople got sacked by Christians in the 4th crusade? Europe?
If the janissaries were not war machines but were highly intelligent where did they go? Administrative roles
Created by: BloodyBetty1