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WW1 Vocab

Middle School WW1 Vocab

Alliance Group formed for mutual benefit
Central Powers An alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire during World War I.
Trench warfare Form of warfare where both sides occupy fortified fighting lines mostly made up of trenches where troops were sheltered from enemy’s gunfire
neutrality Not taking sides in a conflict or nonparticipation in war
armistice Agreement made by both sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; truce
Fourteen Points Speech delivered by US president Woodrow Wilson to Congress to assure the US that World War I was being fought for moral cause and for peace in Europe
Treaty of Versailles Peace treaty at end of WWI; ended war b/w Germany and Allies; required Germany to accept responsibility for causing to the war and forced them to pay reparations to the Allied powers
League of Nations First international security organization whose mission was to maintain world peace
Propaganda ideas and facts that were used to further spread a particular political cause or ideology
Dictator A person who has complete and total control over a country
Totalitarianism A form of government in which a single party has total control over the country and every aspect of people's lives.
Militarism The glorification of the military and one of the main causes of war.
Triple Alliance An alliance made up of Germany, AustriaHungary and Italy during World War I. Italy pulled out and joined the Triple Entente in 1915.
Triple Entente An alliance made of Great Britain, France and Russia during World War I
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