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Ancient China

Ancient China Vocabulary

2 main rivers of China Yangzi and the Yellow Rivers
Alternate name for the Yellow River Huang He River
Alternate name for the Yangzi River Chang Jiang River
Connected by the rivers of China Eastern and Western China
River known as China's Sorrow Yellow River
Floods provided this and improved farming land Silt
Main Crop of China Rice
Civilizations along this river became China's first civilization Huang He River
Isolated China from the rest of the world Its geography
A series of rulers from the same family Dynasty
Founded the Xia Dynasty Yu the Great
Dynasty that founded China's first writing system Shang Dynasty
A prediction Oracle
The Shang Dynasty developed a calendar based on the cycles of what The moon
Dynasty that lasted longer than any other Chinese dynasty Zhou Dynasty
Stated that heaven gave the power to the king and that heaven would remove a bad king from power Mandate of Heaven
Period of civil wars in Ancient China Warring States Period
Reasons China fell into disorder after the Zhou Dynasty 1. Large armies brutally fought over control and land 2. Families broke apart due to rivalries 3. China lacked a strong government due to constant warfare
Philosophy that stated that moral leadership and not laws would bring order for China Confucianism
Founded Confucianism Confucius
Book where the ideas of Confucius are compiled The Analects
Philosophy that stated that people should live in harmony with nature and the Dao Daoism
Most famous Daoist teacher Laozi
Chinese philosophy without religion that stated the belief that people were bad by nature and needed to be controlled Legalism
Chinese emperor who was the most famous follower of Legalism Shi Huang Di
Intolerant first emperor of the Qin Dynasty Shi Huang Di
Achievements of the Qin Dynasty 1. Network of roads 2. Network of canals 3. Terracotta Army 4. Great Wall of China 5. Irrigation System
Built by Shi Huang Di to protect him after death Terracotta Army
Built as a barrier to protect China from invasion from the fierce nomad warriors from the north. Great Wall of China
First emperor of the Han Dynasty Liu Bang
Liu Bang was the first what to become a Chinese emperor Commoner
China's official government philosophy under the Han Dynasty Confucianism
Lowest social class under the Han Dynasty Merchants
Social class known as the "Backbone of China" Peasants
Percentage of people in the Peasant social class 90%
Wrote a complete history of the dynasties to the early Han Sima Qian
Device which uses the position of shadows cast by the sun to tell the time of day Sundial
Device that measured the strength of an earthquake Seismograph
Iron provided what two technologies to farmer 1. Iron Plow 2.Wheelbarrow
Highly valued trade good that was a soft rare fabric; the process for making it was kept secret Silk
Most famous trade route used to take Chinese goods to buyers in other countries ;4,000 mile long network that stretched west from China across the deserts and mountain ranges of Asia through the Middle East all the way to the Mediterranean Sea Silk Road
Spread of ideas from one culture to another Diffusion
Religion spread from India to China through Diffusion Buddhism
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