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W Hist Midterm Rev.

Which religion is associated with the Arabic language? Islam
What is an oligarchy? rule by a few, especially when rule is based on wealth
What is a democracy? government is controlled by its citizens either directly or indirectly
What is a republic? power is in the hands of representatives and leaders elected by the people
What was the Neolithic Revolution? when people began farming instead of hunting and gathering
What were the effects of the Neolithic Revolution? the establishment of villages and the rise of governments
Which institution had the most power during the Middle Ages? the Church
What social services did the Medieval Church provide? hospitals, social gatherings, and services for the poor
Mesopotamia is located between the __________ and _________ rivers. Tigris and Euphrates
What are the differences between Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism? languages of the services, celibacy/marriage of priests, and permission for divorces
What did nobles provide for serfs under the manorial system? protection
What was the Magna Carta? document that noblemen forced the English king to sign in order to limit his power
What was the new legal idea the came from the Magna Carta? the law limits the power of the king
In what region did early Christianity form? Judea
What was the Great Schism? when the church divided between east and west
How did the Great Schism lead to the decline of medieval Europe? it led to the questioning of church authority
What was the Black Death? a disease that wiped out half of Europe's population during the Middle Ages
What were the effects of the Black Death in Europe? manorialism collapsed, population decreased, and the power of the church was reduced
How did Christianity begin and spread as a religion? began during Roman Empire, promoted the idea of salvation for all, became most powerful influence in medieval Europe
Where was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire? Constantinople
How were social classes divided under feudalism? Clearly define- serf, vassal, lord
What kind of government did the Greek city-state Athens have? democracy
What medieval organization acted as a state? Church
What was ancient Rome's most lasting contribution? law
What famous church, located in Istanbul, is the greatest example of Byzantine architecture? Hagia Sophia
What was a long-term result of the Crusades in Europe? increased tension between Muslims and Christians
Why are the Crusades known as "history's most successful failure"? they did not achieve their original goal but brought about many changes in Europe
Where did the Black Plague start? Southern Europe
What region was untouched by the Black Plague? Eastern Europe
What civilization developed along the Indus River in 3300BC? Harappan
What impact did Ancient Greece and Rome have on Western civilization? Greek sculpture and Roman architecture
Why did the Roman Empire decline? political corruption and government instability
Reincarnation is associated with what religion? Hinduism
The Hajj is associated with what religion? Islam
What was the war between Athens and Sparta known as? Peloponnesian War
Which Roman emperor started the time period known as the Pax Romana? Augustus
What river blocked the eastward expansion of Alexander the Great's empire? Indus River and Himalaya
Which modern countries are located in the Persian region of Alexander the Great's empire? Iraq, Iran, India
What was the theme of most medieval art? religious beliefs
What wars were fought between Rome and the city of Carthage? Punic Wars
What are the characteristics of Greek architecture? columns
What are the characteristics of Roman architecture? arches, oblelisks
What famous leader of Babylon created its hanging gardens? Nebuchadnezzar
Created by: MrsSchaeffer