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History Mid Term

For World Studies 7th Grade. Do not shuffle!

God spoke the world into existence Creation
God performs everything according to His will Divine Sovereignty
The negative effects of Adam's sin The Fall
Man's characteristic's that show what God is like Image of God
Man is responsible to care for God's creation Dominion
God's promised victory over sin Redemption
The reason for the Flodd Sin
God's solemn agreement or promise Covenant
A Christian assembly affirmed this truth in AD 325 The Trinity (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit)
The message that Jesus can rescue men from sin The Gospel
Chapter 2 (Add this to correct cards) Chapter 2 (Add this to correct cards)
One of the most important Byzantine weapons used against Islamic armies was... Greek Fire
What people in western Europe stopped the spread of Islam The Franks
The destination of Islamic pilgrimages is Mecca
The architectural style of Russian cathedrals is modeled after that of the Byzantines
Chapter 3 Chapter 3
What large city built near the Sabi River has a name that means "great house of stone" Zimbabwe
What is the ancient name for China Cathay
Name two West African trading items Gold,Iron, etc.
What is another name for Aksum Ethiopia
List two ways in which a camel's body is built for desert survival Sharp teeth, long eyelashes, stores water, padded feet, etc.
Maize is another name for what food Corn
The kingdom of Kush was located on the Nile River between Egypt and... Ethiopia
What material did the African forge into tools and use as a form of money Iron
Coptic Christians regard Menelik as the offspring of what king Solomon
Followers of what religion composed the first written history of Africa Islam
Chapter 4 Chapter 4
The Mongolian plateau is located North of China
Kublai Khan founded what dynasty in China Yuan
The Taj Mahal is located in what country India
The traditional religion of Mongols was Shamanism
What religion's teachings includes Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path Buddhism
Practice of a warrior's committing suicide Hara-kiri
Japanese religion that teaches nature worship Shintoism
Japanese warrior Samurai
Military code meaning "the way of the warrior Bushido
A strong metal that is more durable than iron Cast iron
Passive religion from India that became influential in China Taoism
The capital of Japan as of 1603 Tokyo
Japanese title meaning "great general" Shogun
Crop that is a major part of the Chinese diet Rice
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
This count of Paris founded a new dynasty in France Hugh Capet
This ruler founded the Norman dynasty in England after invading the country in 1066 William the Conqueror
This grandson of William the Conqueror strengthened English royal authority by using circuit courts Henry II
Gothic architecture can be characterized by all of the following except Small windows
Philip II was a king in France
Which church's political power grew in Europe and became dominant during the Middle Ages Roman Church
Which Italian city was located on the Adriatic Sea and had a large navy Venice
The vernacular was a Common spoken language
The Canterbury Tales gives information about medieval life in England
What people were accused of starting the plague and were persecuted because of it Jews
Chapter 6 Chapter 6
He painted the Mona Lisa Da Vinci
Publisher of a Greek New Testament Erasmus
Author of The Prince Machiavielli
Author of a Renaissance book on manners Castiglione
Pope who authorized the sale of indulgences Leo X
English official under Henry VIII; wrote Utopia More
Father of Humanism Petrarch
Painted the Sistine Chapel's ceiling Michelangelo
What Catholic monastic order was founded to stop the Reformation and reverse the gains of Protestant coverts Jesuits
What was the last great religious war in Europe The Thirty Years' War
What decree did Henry of Navarre issue to ensure religious toleration in France Edict of Nantes
What is the term for French Protestants Huguenots
What biblical truth found in Romans 1:17 led to Luther's salvation The just shall live by faith
Conquistador who defeated and colonized the Aztecs Cortes
First to find a route around Africa Dias
Conquistador who defeated the Incas Pizarro
First to find a trade route to India Da Gama
Sailed west in 1492 and discovered a new continent Columbus
English explorer who traveled around the world Drake
Spanish explorer whose CREW traveled around the world Magellan
Catholic missionary to the Indians in Latin America Las Casas
With what instrument did sailors measure the angle between the sun or a star and the horizon Astrolabe
What Spanish city was built on the former site of Tenochtitlan Mexico City
Canton is a coastal city in what Asian Country China
What Indian empire suffered from a plague before the Spanish arrived Incas
Chapter 8 Chapter 8
This French explorer discovered the St. Lawrence River Jacques Cartier
This French explorer discovered three large lakes and became the Father of New France Samuel de Champlain
This Venezuelan knew many languages and liberated both Venezuela and Colombia Jose de San Martin
This member of Portuguese nobility gave the famous revolutionary challenge "Independence or death!" Pedro I
This Englishman brought discipline to Jamestown and helped make it a thriving colony Thomas Dale
This Argentine leader from a prominent family liberated both Chile and Peru Jose de San Martin
This country is not considered part of the Old World Chile
Montreal was founded in this region New France
John Smith helped start this Colony Jamestown
That's the End! Hope you do great on the Mid-Term!
Created by: xTheBookWormx