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Church History

Exam Review Vocab

First emperor to persecute Christians and claimed they were at fault for burning down Rome Nero
began immediate emperor worship Domitian
very aggressive emperor, used the spy system to flush out Christians Marcus Aurelius
Worst persecuting emperor Diocletian
emperor who ended Christian persecution and converted to Christianity Constantine
written by Constantine to tolerate and respect Christians in the HRE Edict of Milan
(Charles the Great) King of the Franks who supports Pope Leo III. Later became Holy Roman Emperor and forced baptisms and tithes Charlemagne
Kidnapped and put in jail for adultery but later supported by Charlemagne and names him Holy Roman Emperor Pope Leo III
marries his brother's widow and then wants the marriage reversed but Pope refuses, so he replaces the Archbishop of Canterbury Henry VIII
Signed by Parliament which stated that King was the head of the church but no real change in theology Act of Supremacy
He claimed that everyone was subject to him and needed him for salvation Pope Boniface VIII
French King who did not like the papal bull issued by Boniface VIII so he arrested him King Phillip IV
Nonbelievers who wrote about Jesus Christ Tacitus, Pliny, and Suetonius
Popular Jewish Roman historian who wrote that Jesus was a wise man condemned by Pilate Josephus
Intertestamental books not found in the Protestant Bible, but give another source of backing up Biblical events Apocrypha
one chosen and sent on a mission with the full authority of him who has sent him Apostle
Letters Epistle
one who shares the Gospel Evangelist
doctrine of principles of faith and morals Dogma
a group of people branching off from the source Sect
Leaders of the church starting in the 2nd Century Bishops/Elders
Person the same as bishop but serving under them Deacon
why someone can be known as a real historical figure Historicity
to damn a country and withhold the church from them Interdict
Pope who fought with Henry IV and threatened to excommunicate Henry Pope Gregory VII
system where church leaders are elected by secular authorities Lay Investiture
Pope who defeated Phillip II of France and King John by power of interdict Pope Innocent III
declaration by Boniface that all rulers and people were subject to him to be saved Unam Sanctum
Writer who defended the faith Apologist
Writer who attacked heresies Polemicist
Statements of faith. combat heresies and distinguish between believers and unbelievers Creed
Sacrament of the Altar belief that bread and wine CHANGE into body and blood Transubstantiation
Doctrine that individual salvation is achieved through human will and divine grace Synergism
heresy that we are similar to God because we were created in his image. Elevates humans to god-like powers Little gods
heresy that the more faith you have, the better chance of receiving what you want Prosperity Gospel
heresy that Jesus will return when the church takes over all offices in government Dominionism
heresy where once youre saved, you can't fall away from God Once Saved, Always Saved
heresy that God already chose who's going to heaven or hell before the beginning of time Predestination
heresy that everybody goes to heaven no matter what Universalism
heresy that changes the Bible's stories to make them sound more logical Higher Criticism
heresy that God used evolution to create the world over millions of years Theistic Evolution
heresy that a certain prayer would help God hear us more Prayer of Jabez
church offices go to the highest bidder Simony
belief that praying to saints is equal to praying to God Cult of the Saints
Worship of Mary Mariolatry
holy objects Relics
holy images Icons
belief of a place before heaven where you go to purge your sins Purgatory
spend money to save people from purgatory... ultimate church fundraiser Indulgences
man's attempt to leave the world's impurities and become piety focused on salvation (in the world but not of the world) Monasticism
Luther found that God makes us righteous through Jesus rather than God proving his own righteousness in his punishment of sinners Great Discovery
you don't need to pay anything for grace, but it is a gift from God Cheap Grace
extreme self denial of material goods Asceticism
Jewish converts who believed only needed Law, Jesus was only a human, and didn't believe Paul's writings Ebionism
Pagan converts who believed the world was created by a second god (Jehovah), Jesus was a ghost, hated O.T./Jews, and only elite could obtain salvation Gnosticism
Followers of Mani who believed Asceticism, sex/body is evil, and all material goods are bad Manichaeism
Followers of Donatus believed no salvation outside the church, many unpardonable sins Donatism
Followers of Montanus believed Holy Spirit only speaks thru Montanus, stressed Asceticism Montanism
Believed Christ was only a good man adopted by God at baptism, 1 God in 3 forms (no trinity) Monarchianism
man who sold indulgences on the border of Saxony John Tetzel
event where Andreas Carlstadt wants a new church and begins a communistic organization Riot of 1522
man who caused a riot by forming a communistic organization and trying to abolish the old church for a new one Andreas Carlstadt
man who attacked Luther in his book "Free Will" which claimed man works out salvation with God Erasmus
trial where Luther was ordered to recant all his writings Diet of Worms
this event by Luther starts the Reformation and declares that indulgences are not scriptural 95 theses
early reformer who opposed the Pope's teachings and urged people to stay away from theaters and games Girolamo Savonarola
early reformer who declared salvation=faith in Jesus and Pope=Anti-Christ and bread and wine don't change John Wycliffe
early reformer denied Pope's authority and said no purgatory or saint worship, was burned at the stake John Hus
early reformer who declared no purgatory and preached asceticism Peter Waldo
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