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Venipuncture Proced.

Steps, Challenges

Step 1: Request request - manual, computer, bar code receipt of test requested review test requisition - priority, timed, patient, conditions for specimen getting ready for test
Step 2: Approach -manners -identifying self -visitors -unavailable -entering room
Step 2: Identify -full name -DOB -Id bracelet handling special occasions -sleep -unconsious -emergency -young, mentally incompetent, non- english -outpatient
Step 2: Prepare -explain simple terms -objections -phobias -difficult patients -certain test (HIV)
Step 3: Diet restrictions & latex -notify nurse or doctor if restrictions unfollowed -note "nonfast" -most common -patient precautions NO LATEX
Step 4: Sanitize Hands -times to use alcohol based -times to use soap and water -facility protocol -glove applications - sometimes
Step 5: Position Patient -seated -supine -bedrails -objects in mouth
Step 5: Tourniquet -4 inch. above site -above wrist bones for hand draws
Step 5: Make fist -ask to make a fist -NO pumping
Step 6: Select sites (1) -antecubital -straight arm in downward position -index finger to palpate--size, depth, direction
Step 6: Selecting sites (2) -No thrombosed veins or sclerosed -recognize tendons -rotate arm may help -flashlight
Step 6: Selecting sites (3) -no suitable vein in antecubital check other arm, or hand, wrist, -DO not use legs, ankles, for foot--not usual
Step 7: Determining site -check vein by rolling finger side to side and feel above/below -release tourniquet -tell patient to relax fist
Step 8: Cleansing and Air Dry site -clean with antiseptic -concentric circles -air dry at least 30 sec. -NO wipe dry, fan, blow, or touch after cleaning
Step 9: Prepare equipment & Glove up -apply gloves if not already -ETS venipuncture - gather needle, holder, tubes -assemble needle and holder (don't uncap)
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