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Sem 1 Unit 3 Relig


adoration prayer that acknowledges that god is god
bishop a successor to the apostles who governs the local church in a given diocese and governs the worldwide church
blessing a prayer that invokes gods care on some person, place, thing, or undertaking
catholic universal or general; the christian community that is open to all people everywhere at all times and that preaches the fullness of God's revelation in Jesus Christ
church the body of christ that is the community of gods people who profess faith in the risen lord jesus and love and serve others under the guidance of the holy spirit.
evangelization to bring the good news of jesus christ to others
eschatology a study of and teaching about the last things (death, judgement, heaven, hell, purgatory, the second coming of christ, and the resurrection of the body
hierarchy the official sacred leadership in the church made up of the churchs ordained ministers - bishops priests deacons
heaven perfect life of supreme happiness with god and the communion of saints for all eternity
hell eternal seperation from god that results from a person dying after freely and deliberately choosing to act against God's will
infallibility a gift of the spirit whereby the pope and the bishops are preserved from error when proclaiming a doctrine related to christian faith or morals
intercession a prayer of petition for the sake of others
laity all the members of the church who have been initiated into the church through baptism and who are not ordained or in consecrated life; participates in jesus' prophetic priestly and kingly ministries
liturgy the official public worship of the church
last judgment jesus christs judgement of the living and the dead on the last day when he comes to establish god's kingdom fully
marks of the church four essential signs or characteristics of christs church that mark her as his true church - one holy catholic apostolic
mystery a reality filled with god's invisible prescence - applies to the blessed trinity's plan of salvation in jesus christ, the church that is his body and the sacraments
one all of the church together forms the body of christ
penance a Christian sacrament in which a member of the Church confesses sins to a priest and is given absolution.
prayer conversation with god
praise a form of prayer whereby we acknowledge God and his goodness and glorify him for who he is
petition a prayer in which we ask god for his help, forgiveness, or some good, whether for ourselves or others
purgatory state of purification that takes place after death before heaven
sacraments an outward sign of inward grace - seven sacraments
saints a holy one of god who lives in union with god through the grace of jesus christ and the power of the holy spirit and whom god rewards with eternal life in heave
vocation a job
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