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Chapter 11 East Asia

a group of people who controlled much of the land and produced most of the candidates for civil service scholar-gentry
a gift of money or property paid at the time of marriage dowry
one of four territories into which Genghis Khan's empire was split khanate
a revised form of Confucianism Neo-Confucianism
a ceramic made of fine clay baked at a very high temperature porcelain
a chain of islands archipelago
Japanese warriors similar to knights in medieval Europe samurai
the strict code by which Japanese samurai were supposed to live Bushido
a powerful military leader in Japan shogun
head of noble families in Japan who controlled large estates and relied on the samurai for protection daimyo
the Japanese state religion Shinto
a sect of Buddhism that became popular with Japanese aristocrats Zen
a school of Buddhism meaning, "the teachings of the elders" Theravada
a school of Buddhism that says nirvana can be achieved through devotion to Buddha, who is considered a divine figure by its followers Mahayana
When this dynasty collapsed, there was over 300 years of chaos in China Han
This dynasty ruled China from 581-618 Sui
This dynasty ruled China from 618-907 Tang
This dynasty ruled China from 960-1279 Song
This connected the Huang He and Chang Jiang rivers in China and was completed during the Sui dynasty Grand Canal
This was a trade route that linked China to Europe Silk Road
The Tang dynasty instituted land reform by giving land to these people peasants
The Tang dynasty restored this practice, helping to ensure the most intelligent and educated people became members of government civil service examinations
This dynasty ruled China during a period of economic prosperity and saw many cultural achievements Song
This was invented during the Song and helped to make literature more widely available movable-type
She became a powerful emperor of China in the Tang dynasty Empress Wu
He united all the Mongol clans in 1206 Genghis Khan
This increased significantly during the Mongol Empire trade
This dynasty was founded by Kublai Khan in China Yuan
The Mongols failed to conquer this island nation because of a massive storm Japan
He traveled to China during the Yuan Dynasty and brought back his stories to Europe, helping to encourage other Europeans to travel to China Marco Polo
This period in Japan began in the 7th century when power fell into the hands of the Fujiwara clan Nara
This period in Japan began in 794 and saw the real power of the country concentrated in the hands of local aristocrats Heian
This novel was written by Murasaki Shikibu, an aristocratic woman The Tale of Genji
This kingdom on the peninsula of Korea had close ties to China and gained control of the peninsula with China's help Silla
This Islamic state began in India at the end of the 10th century Ghazna
By 1200, this Islamic state was in control in northern India Sultanate of Delhi
He was a ruler of the Mongol state based in Samarqand and amassed a large empire beginning in the mid 1300s Timur Lenk
As Muslims took power in India, tensions between Islam and this main religion emerged Hinduism
This was the Vietnamese state that emerged in the 10th century Dai Viet
This kingdom arose in the present-day country of Cambodia Angkor
This kingdom was in present-day Indonesia and the Malay Peninsula Srivijaya
This man united the Japanese clans in 1192 Minamoto Yoritomo
This was the shogunate of Japan from 1192 to 1333 Kamakura
In Japan, if a wife talked too much, did not produce a son, or had a serious illness, a husband could do this divorce
Early Japanese society was divided into these clans
Created by: Mrs. Marquardt