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Pharmacology abbrevs

aa; a.a. of each; affected area
ad up to
a.c.; ac before meals
a.d. right ear
ad lib. use as much as one desires; freely
app (admov.) apply
AIDS acquire immune deficiency syndrome
alt. h. every other hour
a.m. morning, before noon
amp ampule
amt amount
antidepressants (class of) monoamine oxidase selective serotonin
app apply
aq water
a.l., a.s., AS left ear
A.S.A.P. as soon as possible
A.T.C. around the clock
a.u. both ears
bcp birth control pills
bis twice
b.i.d.; bid twice daily
B.M. bowel movement
bol. as a large single does (usually intravenously)
B.S. blood sugar
B.S.A. body surface area
cap., caps. capsule
c with (usually written with a line on top of the "c")
c food
cc(in ml) with food (but also cubic centimetre)
cf with food
coal tar liquid carbonis detergens
comp. compound
CPS Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties
cr., crm cream
D5W dextrose 5% solution (sometimes written as D5W)
D5NS dextrose 5% in normal saline (0.9%)
D.A.W. dispense as written
dc, D/C, disc discontinue
dieb. alt. every other day
dil. dilute
disp. dispense
Diss. dissolve
div. divide
d.t.d. give of such doses
D.W. distilled water
EEG electroencephalogram (graphy)
ECK; EKG electrocardiogram (graphy)
elix. elixir (always has alcohol)
e.m.p. as directed
emuls. emulsion
et and
ex. aq. / ex aq. in water
f for
fl. fld. fluid
ft. make; let it be made
f __(# of days) d for (__#) of days
g gram; give
gr grain
gtt(s) drop(s)
H hypodermic
h, hr hour
h.s.; hs at bedtime
ic between meals
ID intradermal
i, ii one, two
IM intramuscular (with respect to injections)
inj. injection
instill. instillation
IP intraperitoneal
IT intrathecal (remove spinal fluid)
IV intravenous
IVP intravenous push
IVPB intravenous piggyback
L.A.S. label as such
LCD coal tar solution
lin liniment
liq solution
lot. lotion
M. mix
md as directed
m, min minimum
mcg microgram
mEq milliequivalent
mg milligram
mist. mix
mitte send; give
mL millilitre
nebul a spray
N.M.T. not more than
NPO; npo; n.p.o. nothing by mouth
noct. at night
non rep. no repeats
NS normal saline (0.9%)
NSAID non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
1/2NS half normal saline (0.45%)
N.T.E. not to exceed
n/v nausea and vomiting
OBD Ontario Drug Benefit
o_2 both eyes, sometimes written as o2
od once daily
o.d. right eye
oint ointment
o.s. left eye
o.u. both eyes
oz ounce
p.a. pain
per by or through
p.c.; pc after meals
p.m. evening or afternoon
prn as needed
p.o. by mouth or orally
p.r. by rectum
pulv. powder
q every
q.a.d. every other day
q.a.m. every day before noon (means "morning")
q_h every (#) hours
q.h. every hour
q.h.s.; qhs every night at bedtime
q.1h every 1 hour (can replace 1 with another number)
q.d.; QD every day
q,i.d.; qid 4 times a day
q.o.d. every other day
q.p.m. every night
qqh every 4 hours
q.s. a sufficient quantity
R rectal
rep., rept repeats
RL, R/L Ringer's lacate
s without (usually written with a bar on top of the "s")
s.a. use your judgement
SC, subc, subq, subcut; SQ subcutaneous
scr. scruple (twenty grains = 1.296g)
SERM selective estrogen receptor modulator
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