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world history

Heresy A belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of religion
Julius ceaser Named dictator for life of Rome in 44 bc
Constantine Emporer of rome
Inflation When item being sold get more expensive
Augustine One of the fathers of the Roman Catholic church
Tribune One of the 10 elected officials who could attend the meetings of the Roman senate
Patrician Of the hereditary aristocracy of ruling class
Diocletian Roman emporer whose palace ruins still stand in croatia
Auqaduct A conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley
Messiah A savior
Latifundia Huge estates bought up by newly wealthy roman citizens
Republic Where people elect representatives to serve in the government
Martar One who suffers for the sake of principle
Pope The head of the Roman Catholic church
Mythology The body of stories associated with a culture
Consul Either of the two chief elected officials in ancient rome
Plebian One of the common people
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