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Final Exam Review

Islamic Culture This is one reason why North Africa is more similar to SW Asia instead of the rest of Africa
Spanish and Portuguese Because they settled in Central and South America, these regions are known as Latin America.
Seas & Peninsulas This is what has helped Europe to trade with the rest of the world.
India & Pakistan The conflict between these two countries is similar to the conflict between Israel and Palestine
River Valleys This is what allowed early civilizations in China, India and Egypt to thrive.
SW Africa The climate here is hot with little moisture.
NW Australia The Great Barrier Reef is located here
Employment opportunities This is the main factor affecting where people live.
Medical Records Quality of life is improved when this can be emailed
Airports and Roads Landlocked countries need this to trade
Vegetation This is one part of the biosphere
Raw Materials Trains help to transport these
Lack of Moisture This caused the America Dust Bowl in the 30s.
Western Europe This part of the world has the most large peninsulas
Population growth This has caused deforestation in Brazil
Israel and Palestine These two nations are fighting because they claim the same land.
Rain Forest This is the reason the central part of South America is sparsely populated.
Religious Sites This the reason Israel and Palestine both claim the same land.
Push factor a bad event that causes you to leave.
Urban growth This will happen in Nigeria by the year 2050.
Economic activity you track this in order to locate major industries.
Great plains: This is known as America’s Breadbasket
Water access This has allowed population of North Africa to grow.
Standard of living: This will improve in a country that exports lots of goods
Reclaimed from Sea How has the Netherlands adapted to population growth?
Alternative energy resources What has Europe developed because of oil shortages?
Natural resources For the welfare of the country, this must be preserved
Modernized how has oil affected capital cities in the middle east?
Nile river This is where most large cities in Egypt are located
Created by: Domingue