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Bible Exam

Bible Exam Study Guide

Rebellion Resisting God
How did Cain resist God? Proper worship
How did Korah resist God? Appointed Leaders
How did Samson resist God? Standards
How did Saul resist God? Right to Rule
How did Jonah resist God? Will
Dedication Devotion, being focused intently on some object.
How is missionary David Livingstone's life an example of dedication? He took care of his wife.
What did we learn from the life of Francesco Lentini? Even through our weaknesses, God can use us.
What are the 2 extreme ways of self evaluation that we should avoid? Flattering ourselves or putting ourselves down.
What are family breakdown, drugs and alcohol, media, and pre meridal sex examples of? Teen Suicide
Spiritual Gifts Special abilities that the Holy Spirit gives to believers to help them edify the body of Christ.
Name and define the 2 parts of God's will. God's sovereign will, which his what will happen, and His Moral will, which is what he wants to happen.
What are the 3 steps of knowing and doing God's will? Read a lot of scripture, ask wise people for advice, and pray for wisdom.
A primary prerequisite for the pastorate is --- what? God's Calling
With God's call comes --- What? God's Provision
What is the first and most important step in developing standards? To learn God's Word and obey it.
As Christians, what should we be concerned about? How our actions influence others.
What are Christians duty-bound to? To submit to their authorities.
Where there are no standards, what abounds? Sin
Explain 1 Cor. 10:13. How to fight temptation.
How did Joseph and Jesus find victory over temptation? Joseph ran, and Jesus quoted scripture.
What is the one word that can be used to describe God's active inchargeness? Providence
God's providence includes His control over the free acts of men and what else? Their external circumstances.
This word means rulership or complete control. Sovereignty
____ is a negative emotional state characterized by sadness, introversion, and lack of initiative. Depression
How can we apply 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 to the topic of depression? Disappointment may get us down, but we cant let it keep us down.
What Biblical example did the book give of depression after great success? Elijah suffered a serious collapse.
One of the greatest tasks of the Christian life is to ______ relate everything to God's glory.
_____ is taking dominion over one's body, mind, and spirit. Self-Control
What does Galatians 5:22 have to say about self-control? It is a fruit of the spirit.
What are 2 means God uses in the Christian life to bring about self-control? The radical amputation principle. and replacement principle.
How was Benjamin B. Warfield and example of patience? Because of everything he went through.
the Greek word for patience is also translated as____ Endurance
Created by: JoshBoswell1034
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