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Indus RVC Assessment

Small Statues Government, technology, Arts, and Religion
Toilet, Bath, Drains, and Water Chutes Technology and Architecture
Elephant Jawbone Government and Stable Food Supply
Lapis Lazuli Bead Government, Technology, Social Structure, and Arts
Pottery Shard Arts and the System of Writing
Uniform/Parallel Streets Government, Technology, and Architecture
What do historians know about the Indus people... -It includes 3 of the world's 10 most populous countries (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) -They have 3 mighty rivers (Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra) -They have large quantities of rain and snow that create their large bodies of water
What are more things that historians know about the Indus people... -It covered the largest area of any civilization -It's cities rivaled those of Sumner -Well organized governments with Kings and Priests -Most Indus valley people were farmers -They were the firsts to cultivate cotton and weave it's fibers into cloth
The last things about the Indus people? -They were polytheists -Widely honored a mother goddess -Could have declined because of: damage to the local environment, volcanic eruption, earthquake -The civilization fell about 1500 B.C. -Had the Aryans as newcomers
Why is there still a mystery? What do historians not know about the Indus people? -They are still not quite sure how the civilization fell -They have no names of kings or queens, no tax records, no literature, no accounts of famous victories - There is still a mystery because they still do not know much about the civilization
Created by: pandalover0606