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1st Sem Final M/C

What type of government thrived during the age of Pericles? A direct democracy
Which Greek city-state was a feared warrior society? Sparta
Israelites differed from many ancient people in that They did not believe their rulers were exempt from God's law
Which leader played the most influential role in the early spread of Christianity beyond Jewish communities? Paul
Which document, signed by King John in 1215, helped establish the democratic right of "due process of law"? Magna Carta
Which religion was begun by a Jewish group after the diaspora? Christiantity
Among the Roman ideals that the US founders adopted were The Senate, the veto, and checks on power
What set the Jews apart from other people in the Roman empire? They prayed to a single God
Pax Romana refers to Rome's Long period of peace, order, unity and prosperity
What government system did we get from the Greeks? Democracy
One of Rome's greatest legacies to the modern world is the idea that: Laws should be written down and should apply to all citizens
Who wrote that people have a natural right to overthrow a government that violates their rights? John Locke
A literary form that developed during the Enlightenment was The novel
What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights? To recognize that the people have rights the government must protect
Which statement best describes the idea of Hobbes and Rousseau? Hobbes believes people in their natural state were bad; Rousseasu believed they were good
Which book stated that only freely elected governments should impose control on people? The Social Contract
How did the Scientific Revolution lead to the Enlightenment? It encouraged people to use reason to try to understand social, political, and economic issues
What ideas of Montesquieu influenced the United States Constitution? The separation of powers
The year 1776 is considered the United States birthday because The Declaration of Independence was adopted
Which of the following European powers was Napoleon unable to conquer? Britain
What war tactic helped the Russians defeat Napoleon? Scorched-earth policy
How did European monarchs and nobles feel about the French Revolution? They opposed it because they feared it would spread
Many people saw the Bastille as a symbol of Tyranny
In France's old order, the clergy belonged to the First estate
The third estate was The largest of the estates
What happened after the Tennis Court Oath? Royal troops gathered around Paris
French revolutionaries follow the example set by leaders of the American Revolution by Issuing the declaration of the rights of man
The chief goals of the Congress of Vienna were to Preserve peace through a balance of of power and restore monarchies
The Napoleonic code was reform of the nations Legal system
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was modeled on the American Declaration of Independence
Factories were first used in what industry? Textiles
Low wages and poor working conditions of the early Industrial Revolution led to the formation of Labor unions
During the Industrial Revolution, life changed in what basic way? People migrated from cities to small towns
Karl Marx disliked capitalism because he believed that it Created prosperity for a few and poverty for many
The cotton gin was a machine that could Separate seeds from cotton
Why did people move to cities during the Industrial Revolution? To find jobs
Which statement best describes a major reason why the Industrial Revolution began in Britain? Sufficient coal and iron reserved combined with a good transportation system were available
The first factories that formed as a result of industrialization produced Textiles
Two types of transportation developed around 1900 were Automobiles and Airplanes
The main purpose for selling stock was to allow companies to raise Production
John D. Rockefeller was associated with The petroleum industry
The three social classes in Western Europe by the late 1800's were The upper class, the middle class, and the workers and peasants
What did some critics of women's suffrage claim? Women were too emotional to vote responsibly
To explain the long, slow process of evolution Charles Darwin proposed the theory of Natural selection
How did the industrial revolution contribute to imperialism? Industrialized countries sought new markets
Most Westerners felt that their cultures were Better than non-Western cultures
Created by: Coachwinter