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1st Sem Final vocab

Jury Panel of citizens who have the authority to make final judgement in a trial
Clergy People authorized to perform religious ceremonies
Moses Israelite who led the Hebrews from out of slavery in Egypt to Canaan
Republic A form of government that means "thing of the people"
Abraham Founded the Israelite nation
Apostles Followers chosen by Jesus to help him in his misery
Covenant A promise or a binding agreement
Messiah A savior sent by God
Monarchy A government in which a king or queen exercises central power
Paul Spread the teachings of Jesus to non-jews
Salon Informal social gathering where Enlightenment thinkers exchanged ideas
Thomas Jefferson Principal author of the Declaration of Independence
George III His government made policies that helped bring about the American Revolution
Montesquieu Proposed the idea of separation of powers in government
George Washington Chosen to command the American forces during the American Revolution
Adam Smith Argued that the forces of supply and demand in a free market can regulate business activity
Popular Sovereignty Principle that all government power comes from the people
Federal Republic The type of government created by the Constitution
Natural Law Rule discovered by the use of reason
Napoleonic Code Group of laws that reflecting Enlightenment principles
Continental System War tactic in which Napoleon closed European ports to British goods
Ancien Regime The old order in which France was divided into three social classes
Guerrilla Warfare War tactic involving hit-and-run raids
Guillotine Method for carrying out executions during the Reign of Terror
Plebiscite Popular vote by ballot
Napoleon Popular military hero
Legitimacy Returning hereditary monarchs to power
Suffrage The right to vote
Nationalism Pride in one's country
Estate Term for the social class in France
Enterprise A business organization in areas such as shipping, mining, or factories, helped fuel the Industrial Revolution
Tenement Multistory apartment building
James Watt Improved the steam engine in the late 1700's, helping to provide power for the Industrial Revolution
Urbanization The industrial revolution brought rapid ___ as people migrated to cities to find work
Entrepreneurs Capitalists called ____ take on the financial risk of starting and managing new business
Eli Whitney Invented the cotton gin
Coal/Water These were used to power the Industrial Revolution
Capital Money used to invest
Dynamo A machine that generates electricity
Assembly-Line Method of production workers add parts to products
Stock Shares in a company
Corporation Business owned by investors
Imperialism Domination of one country by another
Created by: Coachwinter