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Abs and Cons

for PAP World History

Leopold 1 (Hapsburg or Austrian Empire) {catholic} restricted Protestant worship, repelled turks at siege of vienna
Frederick William (Great Elector) (Prussian) {calvinist} granted rights to jews and catholics, established Prussia as a world power,
Frederick 1 (Elector Frederick 3) (Prussian) {calvinist} encouraged higher education, fought in two wars against Louis XIV, first "king" of prussia
Frederick William 1 (Prussian) {calvinist} "soldiers king," calvinist, made the largest military in Europe, established 1,000 schools for peasants, developed prussian absolutism
Frederick 2 (Frederick the Great) (Prussian) {calvinist} enlightenment ideas, expanded territory into hapsburg
Ivan 3 (Great) (Russia) {orthodox} struggled with boyars for power, made moscow center of orthodox church and the tsar the leader
Ivan 4 (Terrible) (Russia) {orthodox} westernization, increased serfdom, reduced the power of boyars, trapped middle class artisans and merchants in cities and taxed them heavily, time of troubles followed his death
Romanov (Russia) {orthodox} first romanov, favored boyars, expanded territory to pacific ocean
Peter the Great (Russia) {orthodox} revolt of the strelski secured absolutism, great northern war gave Russia "window on the west," table of ranks set educational standards, St. Petersburg became largest city in Europe and capital of Russia, westernized and expaned turf
Hobbes wrote Leviathan, pessimistic view of human nature, humans are selfish, justifies absolutism
Henry 4 (France) {calvinist turn catholic} [Henry of Navarre] first king of the burban dynasty, laid groundwork for France's power, weakened nobility, enhanced mercantilism, and assassinated for granting religous rights to Huguenots
Louis 13 (France) {catholic} entered regency with corruption and mismanagement, had the help of Richelieu, weakened nobility with intendant system, entered 30 years war to weaken Hapsburg (Austrian) Empire
Cardinal Richelieu (France) placed political issues over religious issues, used Peace of Alais to weaken Huguenots, taxed peasants to fund military, used intendant system to weaken nobility
Louis 14 (France) {catholic} sun king, built palace of versailles, believed in divine right, pinnacle of french absolutism, made France largest power in the world, created Corvee to force peasants into labor, Edict of Fountainbleau prohibited Calvinist worship involved in 5 wars during his reign which caused 20% mortality in population, destroyed the French economy, and sowed the seeds of the French Revolution
Cardinal Mazaron (France) Rules when Louis 14 is a kid
James 1 (England) {anglican} divine right king, fought parliament over taxes and free speech
Charles 1 (England) {anglican} divine right king, argues w/parliament over taxes, dissolved parliament over petition of right
Oliver Cromwell (England) {puritan} leader of roundheads, won the english civil war, led to rule without king, then made himself dictator
Charles 2 (England) {anglican turn catholic} restoration of divine right, parliament became stronger than the king, all non-anglicans became second-class citizens yet supported catholicism, invaded Scotland
James 2 (England) {catholic} sought to return England to a catholic state
William and Mary (English) [William of Orange was Dutch] glorious revolution, England became a constitutional monarchy by accepting Bill of Rights, tolerated most Protestants
John Locke wrote Second Treatise of Civil government, people are supposed to create a government that protect rights
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